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Where to Find Free Stock Photos and Image Editing Software

You’re here. That means you most likely wear A LOT of different hats. And one of those is probably that of a graphic designer. And unfortunately, the hat almost never comes with the right toolbox. But don’t worry! We happen to have our Santa hat on, and we’ve come bearing gifts! Here’s our list of top places to find free stock photos and free image editing tools. You’re probably going to want to bookmark these!

Free Stock Photos


High quality, relevant images are an absolute must for non-graphic designers and graphic designers alike. Pixabay has an extensive range of photos licensed under Creative Commons, and better still, they have plenty for Christmas!

Free Christmas Stock Images from Pixabay


Usually one of the first stops in the search for free stock photos, Pexels have some great, high quality images. Boasting one of the largest collections available, Pexels collates free stock photos from a number of sites, so you may find some duplicates in your search.

Here are a few of our favourites from Pexel’s Christmas selection!

Free Christmas Stock Images from Pexels


We’re getting right into the giving spirit too! If you sign-up for a new account or log-in to your existing account right now, you’ll find a few special gifts from us. Vision6 accounts have been stocked up with free Christmas email templates, and free stock photos so you can jump in and start using right away. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find inside when you unwrap your Vision6 gift.

Free Christmas Stock Images and Templates from VIsion6


Unsplash is great for those of us who want stock photos that are a little less stock. These photos are generously gifted by a community of photographers and come with an aptly named ‘do-whatever-you-want’ licence. These photos are free to use, and you don’t even have to give credit or attribution at all. But you’ll definitely make it on to Santa’s Nice list if you do!

Free Stock Photos from Unsplash

Free Image Editing Software


Now for the ‘design’ part of graphic design. Capable of handling most lower-level design projects, Canva is a really easy to use free image editing tool. Not only are you able to edit your own images, it also comes with plenty of pre-designed templates. This free image editing tool has great capability, without the complexity (and price) of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Free Image Editing Software Canva


Similar to Canva, Stencil is another free image editing tool that’s very user-friendly. With a nifty drag-and-drop editor, a great selection of icons, images, quotes, fonts, and templates, you can jump in and start creating right now.

This is a free image editing tool, however, you are restricted to 10 creations per month, and there are some assets that are only available to paid accounts.

Free Image Editing Software Stencil

Adobe Color CC

Picking the perfect gift is hard enough. You shouldn’t have to bust a bauble picking the perfect colour scheme too. Just plug in your brand’s primary colour (either colour code or manually pick it on the wheel), and the wheel will spin you up a beautiful colour palette. You can also upload an image of your own, and it’ll generate a complementary colour palette based on the image. Super handy!

Free Image Editing Software Adobe Color Wheel

Free image editing software adobe color wheel CC

So now that you’ve got your images sorted, it’s time to get your campaign going! Check out our Ultimate Guide to Christmas Marketing Email Campaigns to sleigh your competition this Christmas! Or if you’re ready to start sending beautiful emails right now, sign up for a free Vision6 account!

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