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Vision6 Working Towards Carbon Neutral

Vision6 has a strong ethos of helping each other succeed. After only a short time here it isn’t hard to see that this is driven from the top. The entire senior leadership team is supportive and caring but nowhere is it more obvious than when you get to speak to our CEO.

Mathew Myers, Vision6 CEO and co-founder, is driven by an ambition to maintain an awesome place to work and grow, and this extends into the wider world. After having made improvements in his life to be carbon neutral, he has put Vision6 on the same path.

All of us at Vision6 want to do this because we think protecting the environment is the right thing to do and that everyone needs to contribute, but there is another great reason to go green. It’s also good for business! An international survey discovered that 81% of people consider environmental sustainability in their buying decisions

So if so many people consider this important when shopping, there must be a lot of options, right? Actually, no. Climate Active, an Australian, government-backed certification program has around 100 members. When you compare this to the number of brands in Australia, there’s a lot of room for companies to benefit in this space.

If we’ve got you thinking about going green too, here are some ideas to get you started.


Recycling seems to become easier every day. The Planet Ark website has information on how business, from offices to factories and everything in between, can recycle.

Reuse Items

Wherever possible reuse items. For example, replace your paper towels with material towels, or refill your ink cartridges.

Purchase Recycled Items

Whether it’s paper for your office or sleeves for your takeaway coffee cups for your cafe it’s important to support the process by purchasing recycled items.

Reduce Energy Use

In an office, it’s pretty easy to make sure the lights and projectors are off when they’re not in use. I’m sure with a little thought you could find ways to save your business through energy reduction.

Reduce and Offset Your Carbon Emissions

Working towards carbon neutral isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Here’s how we’re doing it.

There are a number of different companies offering carbon offsetting that you can choose from.  One of these companies, Project Wren, has an online calculator that can determine the level of greenhouse gas emissions you produce as a person. It then provides you with tips on how you can reduce these emissions. Those which you are unable to reduce can be offset by sponsoring one of Project Wren’s projects. The projects are specially chosen for their proven ways to prevent or sequester greenhouse gas emissions permanently.

We’ll also be moving to a 41/2 star NABERS building to help reduce our footprint. Plus there are many more plans to reduce our impact coming soon.

If you’d like to find out how you can calculate, reduce, or offset your carbon emissions, check out the Project Wren website, the Climate Neutral Now website, or any of the other reputable sites.  And stay tuned for more news about how Vision6 is reducing its footprint, and how the move goes (gulp).

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