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Vision6 Launches Industry-First for Email Marketing and Agencies

A first of its kind for the industry and Australia. Vision6, the Australian owned email marketing provider breaks the mould and tempts agencies with a new campaign. Taking a leveraged approach, Vision6 is offering any agencies that switch their clients to the email marketing provider will earn 100% of that clients revenue for the next 6 months.

“It’s no trick or gimmick, it’s our renewed way of design thinking and tackling the endless question of how do companies grow in what is a globally competitive market,” says Mathew Myers, CEO and Co-Founder at Vision6.

Agency Manager, Matt Wynn continues, “Whilst the program was set up to help agencies immediately grow their top line revenue, we’ve found that some are already using the offer to win new clients by giving them 6 months free usage on the platform.”

“In one case an agency has already saved their client $18,000 while retaining them for other value add services,” he says.

At the helm for 17 years, Mathew Myers has seen the evolution of email marketing and the growth of Vision6. From what started as a two person team to a company based in Brisbane and operating in markets overseas including the US.

“Vision6 is proudly Australian and that includes keeping all infrastructure and data in Australia. We’ve seen the growth of email marketing from the beginning and we continue to create waves by launching more ambitious marketing campaigns like this one,” says Mathew.

“When the agency switching campaign first launched earlier this month, some of our agency customers thought it was a bit of a joke, it’s too good to be true. Our vision is to keep pushing the envelope – whether that has a letter in it or can be measured by click through rates.

“We’re turning our attention to growth by launching bold campaigns that put the customer first, giving them the benefits and empowering them to get the best from their email marketing and we’re only just getting started,” says Mathew.

If you’re interested in earning 100% of your clients revenue for 6 months visit Offer ends 31st August.

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