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    The low-down on Vision6 Training

    Online training with MelinaIt’s been a while since you’ve heard from me so now is the perfect time as there have been lots of improvements to our training which is still live, online, interactive and free!

    As well as live online training sessions you can now access on-demand training videos which are located in the system and on our website.

    Live training webinars

    These sessions are designed to be more interactive and allow you to ask me questions throughout the session.

    What you need to know

    • These sessions are held using GoToTraining.
    • Sessions are run fortnightly and you can attend as many times as you need to.
    • You can invite all your colleagues to attend.
    • Your session is recorded for you to keep.

    How to register
    To register for one of the live sessions you can now do this directly from the dashboard when you log into your account. This live training session widget also keeps track of which sessions you’ve registered for.

    training widget

    You can also register for training from the training page on our website.

    Things to note:

    • The full login details for your session will be provided in a separate email once registered.
    • Join the session by clicking the login URL located in the email you received after registering.
    • This will prompt you to do a small installation/download – if you run into any problems check with your IT guys. (Get them to look at this link.)
    • Once downloaded you will see the presenter’s screen and will be automatically connected to audio – you just need earphones plugged into your computer.
    • The alternate option is to connect via telephone. This is best if you have a headset.
    • During the session you will have the opportunity to ask questions through a live chat box.

    On-demand video training

    We now have a set of on-demand video training modules so you can do some system training whenever you want (you can even do the training on the couch in your pyjamas).

    These on-demand training videos are also available throughout the system and are designed to help you while you are actually using the system.

    training videos

    These on-demand training videos can also be viewed in the resources section of our website. 

    I’m always looking for ways to improve the training we offer so if you have any suggestions on specific topics or training sessions you would like me to run leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

    See you soon in one of the training sessions!

    MelinaPosted by:
    Melina Kellam
    Training Manager



    “I was a total novice at training online like this and was amazed at how simple and clear the whole process was.  Melina was clear and easy to listen to. I definitely would recommend this training session to someone I know.”
    – P.R.O. Management – Natalie Berzinski

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