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The Email Marketing Summit Australia 2011 Round-up

For those people who missed the Email Marketing Summit Australia this year, and for those attendees who would like to reflect back on the day we thought we would share with you round-up of EMSA 2011.

A highlight for Vision6 team members was simply the opportunity to talk with people as enthusiastic about email marketing as we are.

Some interesting statistics

Total attendees = 400
Gender of attendees = 70% of attendees are Female and 30% are Male. (Go the girls!)
People who tweeted = 64
LinkedIn Group Members
= 114
Percentage of professionals in attendance
= It is interesting to note that approximately 50% of attendees are in some kind of marketing related role while 25% are in decision making roles – many of these people were SMB owners.

Attendees graph

So now you know who went, let’s talk about what we learnt!


My Key Learning’s
by Kristin Huddleston, Marketing Coordinator

If you are interested in any of the below topics, click on the session name to view a copy of the presentation.

Keynote address | The return of the relationship – Tim Reed, MYOB

  • Don’t think of email as less because it’s cheaper. It has the potential to be more as you have more opportunity (capability and budget etc) to work with it.
  • Appeal to people by taking the rational and turning it into an emotional proposition.

Breaking through the clutter | Strategies to help you break through the ever noisy and crowded inbox – Jack Perlinski, DAIS

  • Lots of people sit in their company/ microcosm and forget to talk to clients.
  • Create awareness (we exist), establish profile (we do this), develop relationships (we love you).  
  • Don’t forget about existing customers by being too caught-up with re-engaging lapsed customers.  
  • Great quote – “You have to give to get. Don’t sell to get.”

It’s not Spam but are you cooking bacn? (Pronounced like bacon)Matthew Johnson, Vision6


  • I learnt that bacn’ email (email that people sign up for but lose interest in) is not necessarily evil. If you remind people why they are getting your emails, build a profile on them and deliver relevant, interesting content, then the bacn’ in your database can be tasty.
  • Translated you need to look at your database, in particular the different ways people are added to your database and think about how to communicate to these people in a way they we respond positively to.
  • One of the recurring topics of the day was the matter of purchased email lists.  I think that Matthew made it quite clear that these are to be avoided as they generally perform poorly and can be harmful to your future deliverability and sender reputation.

Beyond the blast | The diamond standard of email campaigns – Jason Kelly, Brand X

  • The diamond standard – Call to action, Consistent, Collaborative, Concise.
  • Great quote – “If nothing stands out – then nothing stands out… think about it.”
  • The best time to send an email campaigns is when your audience is most likely to read it. This sounds simple but how well do you know your audience and their routines?

Using email marketing to retain business customers – Trent Haag, Optus Business

  • You can use email as a way of bridging a customer service gap by providing clients with important information and as a two-way communications tool.

Simplifying your event management through email marketing – Lisa Renneisen, Bright Conferences

  • This session really opened my eyes to the many ways you can use email marketing and databases to organise events and reduce the amount of administration you need to do.

Using email BEFORE your campaign – Russ Vine, Junior
Innovative use of email marketing for increased profitability – Michael Muxworthy, Green Insulation

  • Both of these presentations were very interesting. Personally I came away from these two sessions with a strong sense that sometimes you need to stop looking at what other people are doing and do your own thing.
  • Great quote (by Russ Vine) – “How many FB messages have you saved? Email is more permanent.”

Email marketing and social media | Converting your followers to customers – Adam Franklin, Bluewire Media

  • Remarkable content (especially free content) is a great way to invest in your relationships with your audience.
  • With social media you need to invest time and energy – you will only get out what you put in.
  • Various people prefer to communicate in various ways whether that is email, social or something else you need to go where the people are.

Also a special thanks goes to the lovely ladies from Rainesforest Massage who kindly brought chocolates for our Support Team as a sign of gratitude for their great service throughout the year. The Support Team really do a fantastic job looking after our clients and I know they appreciated the gesture.


My Key Learning’s
by Belinda Walsh, Marketing  Manager

As an email marketer myself there were many interesting things I picked up throughout the day from all of the speakers.

A comment, made by Tim Reed from MYOB, that really hit home for me was to not become a lazy marketer, just because email is so cheap. I know this will be running through my head every time I go to press the send button from now on.

After taking part in the panel at the end of the day, it is clear that there is rarely a ‘one answer fits all’ outcome and testing what works for you is vitally important. Since EMSA,  I have also done some further homework on the questions asked of the panel which I hope you find helpful.

After talking to many marketers during the day they are always on lookout for specific data that will help them execute better email campaigns.  The Australia Email Marketing Metrics Report that we release every six months is a good place to start and gives your business something to benchmark against.

Remember if you would like to attend EMSA next year the best way to stay informed is to subscribe to this blog.

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