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    The e-messaging pulse #36

    e-messaging pulseSMS/MMS and the Spam Act, what happens when you hit send, learning from the worlds worst sales email and a guide to irresistible email teasers campaigns.

    Premium SMS/MMS services and the Spam Act – ACMA
    A lot of that consumer anger or frustration can be prevented if you think before you send a premium SMS or MMS message. Check out these great tips…

    The story of send – Google
    Ever wondered what happens when you send an email? Take a journey with Gmail and find out. This interactive site helps you understand what happens to your emails between hitting send and arriving at their destination. You may be surprised just how much happens!

    What You Can Learn from the World’s Worst Sales Email – Business 2 Community
    You might be cringing and thinking, “My business would never send out something this bad.” However, many businesses are guilty of at least some of the same crimes in this email.

    The 6-Point Guide to an Irresistible Email Teaser Campaign [Case Study] – Unbounce
    So you have an upcoming product/app/site that’s better than the invention of sliced bread. Now wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could create enough buzz with your mailing list that you end up having thousands of people signing up on wait lists to get access to your upcoming release?

    Have you read anything from the realm of e-messaging that you’d like to share?

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    Matthew Johnson
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