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Simplifying your event marketing with emails

Vision6 guest blogger A guest post by Lisa Renneisen – Marketing Director at Bright Conferences

Using email marketing makes running events much easier – it’s that simple!

Unfortunately, many people don’t think beyond using email marketing to either promote their event or manage their registrations. Yet, by taking the time to sit down and work through things logically, email marketing can help make your life easier at almost all stages of event planning.

In fact, I am writing this blog post from InSync11 – an Oracle user group conference that Bright Conferences is managing down in Sydney. For this event in particular, we have been responsible for managing the speakers (all 127 of them) and Sponsors & Exhibitors (another 40 of them).

To consider managing that many speakers and exhibitors with excel sheets and Outlook alone seemed a recipe for chaos. Yet by using Vision6, we have managed to make the most of:

  • A centralized online database – This event has been managed by a committee working from different locations around Australia.
  • Update profile functionality – Allowing the speakers and exhibitors to review and update their own details rather than having us do it.
  • File upload fields – Exhibitors and sponsors submitted all logos and advertisements via file upload fields and speakers uploaded their headshots in the same way.
  • Conditional content – We only communicated relevant information. E.g. If a sponsor didn’t have an advertisement as part of their package, we simply didn’t communicate details about how to submit advertisements to them.
  • Automation – We triggered messages off the back of specified actions. E.g. After submitting an application to speak, or based on time such as a final reminder a week before the event.

Although it took a little planning and setup at the outset – as I sit here on Day 1 of the event, I know that we not only made our lives easier in the 5 month lead up to the event, but we created a better experience for the speakers, sponsors and exhibitors involved.

This is just a short taste of what I will be speaking about at the Email Marketing Summit Australia (EMSA) this year when I present a case study on simplifying your event management through email marketing.

I hope you will be able to join me and look forward to meeting you there.

About Bright Conferences – Bright Conferences is a boutique conference management agency that specialises in planning, creating and executing conferences for corporates and associations. Our focus is on developing knowledge led events which help to enrich a particular sector, niche or organisation.

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