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Revving Up for the Future

If you’re a Vision6 user you might notice things moving a little faster. We’ve updated the backend technologies and one of the results is that you will move through the screens faster.

More exciting than that, though, is that these changes will pave the way for us to do some amazing things in the future. Including helping you to get better results, with more beautiful emails.

But you don’t have to wait that long to see improvements. After it’s deployed in the next week or so, you’ll see benefits like easier navigation through lists and enhancements to sharing reports and advanced searches.

  • More options are just one click away. The new ellipse tool gives you a heap more inline options in your Contacts or Messages lists, making it easier to find the option you want.

  • Get more of your list on a single screen automatically, to optimise your space. No need to worry about how many rows will best show in your Contacts, Messages or Reports lists. Choose Auto and let Vision6 fit as many row items on a page as will fit, no matter how long your list is.

  • Sharing reports is even easier than before with the option right there in your inline options.

  • Updates to the Advanced Search tool makes it more intuitive to use.


So strap yourself in because we’re getting ready for a fantastic ride (a little bit faster than before) as we build a better product in the future.

Keep a close eye on your account because the changes will be coming soon.

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