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    New Features & Upgrades: Grow your list on Facebook, all the help you need when you want it and an improved Web Form Editor

    We will soon be launching some new features and sprucing up some existing ones. Here is a preview of what is to come over the next month.

    Grow your email list on Facebook

    Social updating brought you the ability to post to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts when you send your emails. The system dashboard social widget allows you to view your news feeds and post status updates directly from your Vision6 account.

    Introducing the missing ingredient, soon you will be able to place your forms into any Facebook Page that you are an administrator of. In just a few clicks you will be able to start growing your subscriber list via your facebook page.

    Embed a webform in facebook
    Grow your list by adding a web form to your Facebook page

    We have also created a special web form template (designed to the optimal size for Facebook) so that your web form doesn’t look out of place when added to Facebook.

    New Facebook web form theme
    New Facebook web form themee

    More flexibility with your social updates

    We will be improving Facebook social updates to allow you to select the image and text that is displayed.

    Choose an image, title and description
    Select an image and the text when sharing your email
    Example News Feed
    Example Facebook News Feed

    All the help you need when you want it

    We are introducing a new widget to your dashboard that will display a range of on-demand training videos. So you can do in-system training whenever it is convenient for you. You can even do training on the couch in your pyjamas!

    On-demand training widget
    How to on-demand video library

    The Knowledge Centre is also undergoing a makeover.

    Knowledge Centre Makeover
    The new improved Knowledge Centree

    Web Form Editor… it’s getting better all the time

    You will soon be able to easily copy any component or field. We’ve also added new font colours and size options for a Field Description.

    Easily copy fields
    Easily copy fields
    Field settings
    New font colours and sizes

    Uploading contacts and managing fields made even easier

    We have made more improvements to the uploading contacts process. When mapping fields to your list you can easily edit field names by clicking on the new edit icon to the right of the field. There is now no need to go to the Web Form Editor to do this.

    Contact uploads

    easily edit fields
    Easily edit your field names

    We are always working on new features and improvements so subscribe to the blog to be first to find out.

    The Team @Vision6

    Vision6 Team

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