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Kristin’s Recipe for a Sweet eNewsletter

Many people love the idea of creating a scrumptiously sweet eNewsletter that will feed their existing clients and entice new clients. However producing a Newsletter on regular basis can prove daunting.

In a previous role I sent out a staff eNewsletter each month. At first this was quite overwhelming: Where would I find new content every month? How would I make sure it was sent regularly? How would I know what people were interested in?

After doing 14 issues of the eNewsletter I was surprised to discover I had more content than ever and it began to take less and less time to put together.

Reflecting back on these eNewsletters I can see why they became so easy – and when I’m working on the Vision6 eNewsletter I know how to cook up a storm!

A sweet eNewsletter is yummy_1 Essential Ingredients
1 Flexible template
1 Landing page
6-10 sections (as required)
2 Cups regular contributors
1 Cup guest contributors
1 Detailed time line

A sweet eNewsletter is yummy_2 Spices
A pinch of humour
Photo galleries
Web polls
Special offers
Audience contribution

1. Set up your kitchen (email) using a flexible template with landing pages. The most popular template format at Vision6 is this one. This is because you can include the freshest ingredients each month and leave out the rest.

2. Build up your store of top-quality ingredients by finding good suppliers.
Fill your storeroom with regular contributors that can be relied on for columns, news articles and interviews. It also pays to keep a list of guest contributors who will submit the occasional article in a pinch. It may also be worth stockpiling some long-lasting articles that are not time specific.

3. Don’t be afraid to spice it up.
Add a pinch of humour, run a competition, link to a photo gallery, offer specials and discounts or consider asking your audience to contribute articles, opinions or photos. All of these things are great ways to spice up your eNewsletter – in moderation of course!

4. Make sure you have a food critic.
Before you send make sure you give someone who is familiar with the eNewsletter a taste-test so they can tell you about any problems.

5. Get cooking and set the timer.
It’s easy to procrastinate with eNewsletters or to keep waiting for content from your contributors – which may never arrive. If you’ve completed the above steps don’t worry about any ‘extras’ that might be missing – just get it on the plate! By delivering your newsletter at regular intervals your audience will be able to make reading it a part of their routine.

6. Serve your dish.
Email is a dish best served warm – get it out there at a time when your audience is hungry. For some newsletters this may be first thing in the morning or on a Friday afternoon when they are winding-down. Think about your audience, for instance does your audience eat lunch in front the computer? If so sending emails at lunch time may be effective.

7. Listen to your dinner guests, they know what they like.
Some marketers like to do this via surveys and web polls. I find the easiest way is to look at the click through rates for each article, as the most popular articles are the ones most worthy of your time. Why make dinner if everyone skips it and gobbles down dessert?

I hope that this recipe helps you with your sweet enewsletter – hopefully it will be greeted with gasps of delight – happy cooking!


Posted by:
Kristin Huddleston
Marketing Coordinator
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