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How to Grow Your Email List with YouTube

Over the course of the last decade, YouTube has become a great source of entertaining content but also an essential tool for many marketers and businesses.

With 400 hours of videos being uploaded to YouTube every single minute, more than 48% of all digital marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy over the next year. 

As the second largest search engine, YouTube is an invaluable opportunity to build the type of email list your business needs to expand its reach even further. But simply uploading content alone to the site won’t be enough to get the job done. If you truly want to turn your YouTube channel into a marketing engine and grow your email list at the exact same time, there are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind.

The Art of Marketing on YouTube: Breaking Things Down

When it comes to growing your email list, and actually generating leads from YouTube, making a good YouTube video won’t be enough.

Before anything else, you need to create a gated content

The purpose of gated content is to entice your viewers into identifying themselves as potential customers and to give you their contact information. 

Gated content can be an extremely powerful way for you to push your audience into your funnel to generate new leads. Gated content can be a downloadable whitepaper, a checklist or even a special offer or discount.

Not sure how to develop a high-converting gated content? Here are five critical principles to keep in mind.


  • Create a gated content that best appeals to your target audience.
  • Make sure that your gated content solves one problem or make one promise related to your primary offer. You don’t want to give everything away for free.
  • Make your gated content easy to download and easy to consume.
  • Make sure your gated content has high-quality graphics and enticing design.
  • Make sure you fully deliver on your promise.


Now that you have a clear idea of the importance of gated content for YouTube marketing, let’s dive into the ways you can promote your gated content and build a massive email list.

The Many Different Calls to Action of YouTube

One of the most powerful and effective ways to use YouTube to drive your email list involves the appropriate call to action. 

There are many CTAs that you can leverage to drive actions from your audience. However, there are a few CTAs that you definitely want to include in your videos to generate leads.

  • The “Beginning of the Video” CTA: The reality of YouTube is that most people don’t watch your videos pass the 30-second mark. For that very reason, you need to make sure that you include a CTA at the beginning of your video before the viewers bounce. 
  • The “Suggest Another Video” CTA, which is where you essentially try to “one-up” YouTube’s autoplay function that recommends someone else’s video by recommending one of your own. This can be a great way to get some of your audience members to watch a few different pieces of your content before heading over to your landing page.
  • The “Subscribe to Channel” CTA, which is where you specifically ask viewers during the video to subscribe to your channel so that they’re automatically notified whenever you post new content.
  • The “Drive to Website CTA”, which is when you encourage people to visit your website or landing page. This can extremely effective for converting your viewers.

For the express purpose of building your email list, you’ll likely want to use a combination of these CTAs to your advantage. Most people will leave before your video finishes (that’s just the way things are, sadly), so make sure you get that “Beginning of the Video” CTA out early. But you should also use other formats to make sure that your content doesn’t seem like it’s only about your gated content.

Linking to Your Gated Content

When it comes to actually linking to your gated content throughout the course of the content, you have a great number of options available to explore. These include:

1. Your video description

Your video description is one of the best places to link to your gated content. Be sure to include a link to your landing page somewhere at the beginning of your video description.

2. Your About tab

Your YouTube channel about tab is another great opportunity to explain more about your business and what it does outside of the context of the video someone is watching.

3. Your channel header

Channel header is one of those places that not that many businesses are still leveraging. This is an ideal place to link to your gated content because it appears right at the top of your channel page and gives you an opportunity to call out your gated content even before even someone clicks on one of your videos.

4. YouTube Cards 

YouTube cards are great because they can appear at any point in your video that you choose, and they can include not only images and outside links but content that is downloaded automatically whenever someone clicks on it, too. This is a fun, exciting way to take a more interactive approach to your YouTube CTAs. 

5. Your End-Screen 

Another great technique you should absolutely try involves using end-screens. These are the fun, “interactive” screens that play for a few seconds AFTER your content has finished but BEFORE YouTube loads the next video. This is a perfect place for your most loyal viewers to recommend more of your content and, of course, is the ideal place to link to your landing page.

Promote Your High-Converting YouTube Video

Now that you have your gated content, and have created your conversion-optimized YouTube video, it’s time for promotion. Here are seven great ways to promote your video and get more views on YouTube.

Wrapping this up…

Remember that YouTube is nothing if not a community of like-minded individuals and you need to treat it that way, too. This means that you need to proactively respond to comments on your videos. If your viewers ask questions, see if you can answer it. If they give you praise, be appreciative of it and thank them. Do what you can to keep the conversation going and sprinkle some more links to your landing page in along the way.

Once you’ve paired the right content up with these techniques and best practices, you’ll have laid the groundwork to funnel as many people as possible directly to your landing page. At that point, your landing page should generate its own results – and your email list will continue to grow as a direct result.

In the end, remember that YouTube is more than just another content provider. When leveraged properly, it’s one of the most effective opportunities you have to connect with your target audience and build your email list at the exact same time.

But much of your success depends on how consistent you are. You need to take the process seriously and, more importantly, you need to believe in it. By making sure that you’re linking to your gated content in all the appropriate places like the video description and channel header, by replying to comments and by leveraging elements like end-screens and cards, you’ll be well on your way to that colossal email list you’ve always wanted.

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