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How do your Results stack up? Email Marketing Metrics Report – Q1 2017

Grab your coffee and take a seat because we’re thrilled to welcome you back to the Email Marketing Metrics Report. Analysing emails is hard work. But it’s what we do and the truth is… we really love it. As email marketing junkies, we get some kicks out of crunching the numbers and uncovering the latest trends that will help you unlock your email greatness while supercharging your campaign results.


So, let’s dive into the Email Marketing Metrics Report and take a look at how people are reading your emails.

We’ve seen some steady results over the course of 2017 that let us know the email game is alive and well. In fact, people are spending more time in their inboxes. So when it comes to where the action is happening, the good news is that people haven’t totally abandoned their desktops.

Today, the trend is clearly in favour of the desktop computer for the most popular place to open emails. But since 2013, mobile opens have been steadily on the rise. We’re not into gambling, but if we were, we’d place our bets on mobile taking the lead on the best place to open emails. Although we’ll have to wait for the winner there, the takeaway is that people are enjoying their emails everywhere, so being mobile-friendly is no longer a luxury.

In terms of webmail on both desktop and mobile, it’s interesting to see Gmail’s growth. Since it started really hitting our radar 4 years ago, it’s become a clear winner today with over 50% of emails heading to Gmail inboxes. It’s fair to say Gmail’s popularity is the single biggest reason why webmail is beating desktop mail applications.

Industry Based Marketing Metrics Report

So as professional marketers, what we need to do now is figure out how we can tie these stats back into our email marketing campaigns in a way that will create memorable customer experiences. In an ideal world, there would be a magic formula to getting your emails noticed, but the truth is that the recipe is different for everyone. The best advice we can give is to test, test, and test again to figure out what really works for your audience.

What is encouraging is that bounce rates have been steadily dropping in the last 6 months, which means that we’re getting better at organising our databases and maintaining better list hygiene. When it comes to list management, quality always trumps quantity.

Another stat on the upswing is our click-through-rates. Clearly, marketers are sharpening their content skills and delivering more desirable content to the right people at the right time. In just 4 short years, we’ve increased our click-through-rates by a whopping 20%. So, give yourself a round of applause.

Hooray for email marketing! You heard it here first.

Now that you’ve got the latest email marketing metrics, we hope you’ll be able to benchmark your own performance and show your boss just how awesome you really are. And if you’re ready, use this information to skyrocket your results.

Chris Bentley
Media Producer that wants to light the world on fire with video... or at least save you from too much reading. Without his camera, Chris spends his time rounding up two young children or distracting them with video games.
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