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How Adidas teaches us to properly engage subscribers

Too many marketers take their subscribers for granted. Sending emails without enough thought into how to actually engage subscribers.

Marketers send subscribers emails in the hope that they click some links and maybe buy some stuff. And then they simply repeat the process until maybe one day the subscriber gets sick of it and eventually unsubscribes.

Huge mistake.

As a subscriber (and I think this applies to any type of business) people want to feel appreciated. They want to know that you are grateful for the fact that they’ve invited you into their life by allowing you to reach their inbox.

So unless you’re able to show people that you care and that you have their interests in mind, they’re either going to unsubscribe from your list or simply not subscribe in the first place.

That’s why I simply love this email from Adidas!

It is an excellent example of how to make your subscribers feel special and reward them for being on your email list. And making them feel special is one of the best ways to engage subscribers.

Subject line: Psssssst, we’re having a secret 40% off pre-sale

Adidas engage subscribers email

Make Subscribers Feel Special

Right from the get-go subscribers feel special because they’re being invited to a secret pre-sale event. I particularly like the use of “special” in the subject line. It immediately tells the subscriber that they are part of an exclusive group. This message is then reinforced with the intro text “We think you’re a pretty big deal” which then goes on to invite them to the pre-sales event.

Encourage Sharing

What I also love is how Adidas encourage sharing with family and friends “so they can feel like a big deal too.” Not only is this opportunity to reward existing subscribers, they also leverage this positive interaction to grow their database.Although perhaps they could have made the sharing aspect a little easier by including send to friend and social sharing links in the email. What’s also missing is a ‘subscribe link’. This is so that people who receive the email from someone else can easily sign up too.

My question for you though is how are you making your subscribers feel special? What do you do specifically to engage subscribers? Don’t make the mistake of taking them for granted.

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