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How 3 new fields provide value and insight to your email marketing

Amongst the recent upgrades to our e-messaging system is one of my favourite new features called ‘last action’.

As an email marketer myself, I’m really digging this new feature because it allows me to easily see when a contact last opened or clicked a link in my email and then do something about it.


Whilst it was always possible to find this information out by viewing individual message reports, it was difficult to act upon. For example, deleting contacts that haven’t opened an email in six months required either advanced automation setup in advance, or a lengthy process of data manipulation in Excel.

Now it’s now much easier to do this sort of stuff.

There are three main ways I see the new ‘last action’ feature benefiting your email marketing.

1. Maintain a clean database by deleting contacts that haven’t opened an email in an extended period of time. This is a good practice for list hygiene and helps improve the deliverability of your email campaigns.

But remember, just because someone hasn’t opened an email in a long time, it doesn’t mean they won’t open future emails. So before deleting them from your list, it’s worth attempting to re-engage them first.

2. Improve the long-term performance of your email marketing by re-engaging contacts deemed to be inactive. It’s quite common for marketers to have up to 60% of their lists as inactive and although this number is high, it also presents a significant opportunity if you can successfully re-capture their attention.

The key to re-engaging contacts who have already tuned out, is to do something different. This might involve sending emails with a different From Name, subject line, send time and frequency.

3. Increase results from a marketing campaign by sending a follow-up email to contacts who haven’t yet opened your first one. This can be particularly effective for promotions and competitions where you’re offering something of value that customers won’t want to miss out on.

Be careful you don’t overdo it though. Contacts might not open an email simply because they’re not interested. Repeatedly sending the same email is going to annoy them and will likely prompt them to unsubscribe or mark your email as spam. So tread lightly and test this out with a small set of contacts first.

So where to from here? Well if you haven’t yet checked out the new ‘last action’ fields in your database, login to your Vision6 account and see them for yourself. And while you’re there, search on the ‘Date Last Opened’ field to see how many of your contacts haven’t opened an email for an extended period of time.

Maybe it’s worth re-engaging these people in a different way. And if all is lost, then maybe it’s just best to say goodbye and remove them from your list.

Matthew JohnsonPosted by:
Matthew Johnson
EDM Specialist

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