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Guide to Increasing Marketing Productivity

Being the lone-marketer, or the business owner doing the marketing can be tough. I know, I’ve been there. There are at least three things to you need to be doing, always. Heck, there’s always plenty of marketing to be done even if you work in a team. As a former lone-marketer, I’ve pulled together a list of my favourite ways to use technology to boost your marketing productivity.

Up your communication game

When you are talking to team members, stakeholders, or external service providers make sure you are on the same page. Fixing mistakes, or redoing incorrect work takes time, so save yourself that time by getting it right the first time.
A creative brief can make sure you know what is going on or what’s expected. Learn more about creative briefs and find a template here.

Plan and schedule

Some things are just easier at certain times of the day. Pick the time of day you do your best heavy thinking and plan around it.
Are you a night owl? Sit down late in the day and plan, write and schedule that product update email. You can still send it out at the prime email time by scheduling it.
Or power through creating the social media posts for the week first thing Monday morning. Then schedule them to go out throughout the week. There is a range of great social media scheduling platforms to help. This is a great time saver but don’t forget to check on your social media regularly for comments or questions.
Working on your tough tasks in your prime time and scheduling, and leaving menial tasks for your weaker times, can boost marketing productivity.

Use technology to automate repetitive tasks

Responding to every email or confirming registrations can be time-consuming – automating responses can help.
Do you send welcome emails to people who have signed up for your emails? You should, it creates connection, loyalty, and improves results. The good news is this can be done automatically through most email marketing software (talk about a marketing productivity boost!). You can also use autoresponder emails for people who access gated content or transactional emails.

Batch similar tasks

As well as planning and scheduling, batching similar tasks is a great way to boost your marketing productivity. What better time to create the social media post for your latest newsletter, than when you’ve just created that newsletter?
As well as grouping these tasks together, you can schedule them at the same time using Vision6. Synchronising posting to your social platforms with your email can save you the time of doing both separately.

Choose the right program

Don’t be afraid to invest some time investigating the software that you will use. The right program for you will be intuitive to you and this will save you time in the long run. Know what you want to do and then use the free trial to test the program out.
As an example let’s talk about email marketing software, specifically Vision6 – hey you’re on our website after all. There is an easy to use drop and drag email composer and you can quickly and easily add contacts to your list.
Plus, Vision6 has hundreds of templates ready to customise and send. From newsletters to events to the “oops we accidentally sent that” email, they are all there and ready for you to use. That’s got to be a time saver!
A large range of stock images are also included in your Vision6 account, saving you from searching for royalty-free images. Boom! Productivity boosted.
Vision6 also integrates with a bunch of other programs, like Eventbrite, Google Ads, WordPress and many CRMs. Imagine the productivity boost if you are not having to jump from platform to platform and manually transfer the information.
Hopefully, you’re feeling more productive already and if you’d like to boost your productivity with these Vision6 timesavers, create your free, fully featured trial account now to investigate Vision6.

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