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Get Your Agency More Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great time to assess the health of your client relationships. It’s the start of the calendar year and it’s the day when we all find out if we’re super loved.

No matter how many clients you have, single project clients can cause a lot of anxiety. Are you two exclusive? Are they talking to other agencies? It’s been 5 minutes, why haven’t they called?!

Taking your relationship from single project flings to lifelong advocates takes a bit of TLC, but we’re here to help you build better brand relationships using email marketing.

 1st Base: Getting to Know Each Other

Now that almost everyone has swipe-happy index fingers, churn is a high possibility. Implementing a new client welcome series is going to make a great first impression and begin the engagement process. Start by creating a simple onboarding workflow and add content specific to their industry or pain points throughout the series. 

At Vision6, we’ve implemented unique onboarding programs depending on the journey a new customer took to find us. An example is our Mailchimp campaign. Someone signing up for an account from a ‘Switch from Mailchimp to Vision6’ ad triggers a set of onboarding emails. This helps them migrate smoothly. We’ll also share whitepapers and tips on things we know they’re interested in learning about.

2nd  Base: Showcase Your Own Success Stories

What’s worse than a lame pick up line? Someone telling you how awesome they think they are. If you really want to get new customers excited about you, show them just how good you are using past success stories of other clients. 

Adding a testimonial case study in a newsletter is a great way to engage your existing client base and flex your stuff. Whether it’s a prospect or a new client, people want to see ‘themselves’ represented in your work to feel confident that they’ll get the same value. 

That’s why we have our best customers tell us what they like most about Vision6, like in this video.

(See the full story here.)

3rd Base: Show Them Why You’re Worth It

Ever had that feeling you’re not being cherished the way you should? Maybe it’s because you’re not showing why you’re worth it! Communicating how you’re providing value in a way that is real and tangible to a new client is a surefire way to get you the love.

A great way to start is by benchmarking your work against industry standards. To help with that we provide the Email Marketing Metrics Report. Show your worth in numbers and then suggest plans to them using trends highlighted in the report. Then make sure you are providing the measurements that they really care about in a regular report. 

Home Base: Get Customer Referrals

The more is always the merrier when it comes to business. Whoever said three’s a crowd obviously never had a successful referral program. The true test of customer loyalty comes in the number of referrals you get.

If your customers aren’t taking the initiative to refer you, give them a nudge by offering an incentive to a group of your highest Net Score Promoters. Taking $50 off their next bill or offering a gift card to both the referrer and the referee are great ways to build new business. 

Statistics show that referral marketing generates conversion rates that are three to five times higher than any other marketing channel. It’s a no brainer!

There you have it, four ways to build better brand relationships and get your agency more love this Valentine’s Day and move your status to ‘in a relationship’.

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