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Find your snowflake in a blizzard with personalised email marketing

Would you believe us if we told you that you can boost your email marketing results with one simple hack? All you need is a subject line, some preheader text and a dash of faith in the power of personalised email marketing.

Personalised, targeted emails will always outperform emails blasts. 78% of people* believe that brands fail to recognise them as individuals. Companies are achieving 29%** better results just by using a personalised response.  

It all starts with building a relationship with your customers, but how do you make friends? If your answer is by force, you should have seen me sell cars in a previous life. For that hour, my clientele was my best friend.  

First impressions were made immediately and there were no second chances. I used each customer’s name at least 3 times in the first 5 minutes. I mirrored their posture and matched their breathing. I went as far as making my heart beat in sync with theirs (okay, slight exaggeration). But I mirrored the customer’s every move and engaged them. Easing them into having a lot of little ‘yes’ moments which always led to the major ‘YES’ – a sale.


Straight out of school, I thought this was all a little extreme.  However, as I perfected this new-found skill-set more and more, I found that I was making real connections with real people. I was connecting with them through these simple steps. As marketing moved online, these same simple tricks continue to work, but we’re finding new ways to achieve those same results. Suddenly, for me, email marketing makes a lot more sense when I can personalise it.

So, we won’t be matching their breathing or posture. However, we have something far better and more powerful, data! We can quickly answer questions like, how they came to the website, where they signed up and which ‘Call To Action’ they used. Throw in their name and email address from a signup form and I have a lot of little touch points I can work with. As I connect with them by personalising their email, I am building on our connection. I am providing value through relevant information around their initial inquiry and I am starting to engage them.  

Clipboard - Personalise email marketing campaigns


If you’re like me, your first thought might be, “That sounds like way too much work to get a sale!”  However, the results were all the proof I needed. We have an incredible opportunity to reach more people, globally, faster than ever. A personalised approach to your marketing and email campaigns is a quick way you can create touch points in a really scalable way.  

Target your tribe with personalised email marketing campaigns

personalized email marketing automation

We have all heard about target markets, demographics, buyer personas and maybe more recently, ideal customers. No matter what term we like, they are real people with real names, real families, real jobs, real friends and real hobbies. You get the picture. They are individuals with who have found common ground with other real people. This means that they also have a REAL circle of influence.

Now, don’t panic!! Your buyer persona still has a role in your marketing plan. It’s often the common ground that pulls together a group of individuals into a social group or subculture. Being able to pull people together based on that common-ground, while acknowledging who they are and what makes them special has been a challenge many digital marketers face. The concept sounds like an absolute contradiction.

Each customer is a snowflake in a blizzard

A snowflake in a blizzard

It’s my new favourite saying, “A snowflake in a blizzard” – welcome to the new reality of marketing. It is about appealing to the sense of uniqueness and individualism of your audience, what makes each one a snowflake. While also balancing and understanding the human desire to belong to something bigger. A community, a tribe, an organization, that’s the blizzard. Numerous websites are working on the snowflake in the blizzard approach. When someone logs in, their avatar and name usually appear in the top right. This is to address their individuality. As well as opening up places within the website or product for their customers to have a voice. Often achieved through surveys, polls and community portals.

With the right email service provider and marketing platforms however, appealing to the individual and allowing them to be part of something bigger is so much easier to achieve.

Through integrations with other products, like CRM software, or services like Eventbrite, as well using advanced automation and online forms, we can reach customers like never before with personalised email marketing campaigns.

Find-your-snowflakes-in-a-blizzard Personalised Email Marketing

Email marketing also has the highest return on investment of any digital platform and it’s incredibly easy to track your campaign results and push your marketing further.By segmenting the database, incorporating personalised touches and using autoresponders (it sounds counter-intuitive, but I will come back to this another time), the results will improve.  The segmentation is about communicating to the groups (blizzard), the personalisation is about speaking to the individual, and the autoresponder is about timing (the snowflake).

See the power behind Autoresponders for your email marketing.


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