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Find out how Vinomofo use email marketing to drive 60% of their sales

When you’re competing with the retail giants like Coles and Woolies it’s impossible to have the same reach and number of customers.

But on the other hand, Vinomofo knows they can do one thing much better. Have better relationships with customers.

With that in mind about 60% of all Vinomofo sales come from emails, so this is one area they are really excelling in.

Check out this recap of their presentation from the Email Marketing Summit of Australia to find out how they build better relationships and increase sales using email marketing.

WARNING: With a name like Vinomofo it’s not surprising that this video contains some very naughty swear words.

Here’s a couple of the key gems Andre shared plus some awesome examples from Vinomofo’s email campaigns to showcase these ideas in action.

1. Be Human – write like you talk.

This is something Vinomofo does consistently well. How do they do it? They write with one specific person in mind, someone that they care about, like a good friend.

Write like you talk

2. Be unignorable – make a statement

It’s undeniable that the name Vinomofo makes a statement about the company and so do their emails. They’re setting out to appeal to a very specific target market and to be incredibly relevant to that target market.

Be unignorable

And here’s my favourite example of how Vinomofo engage their customers with interesting and fun emails (that are perfectly aligned to their brand).

Make a statement

Although my wine consumption may have dramatically increased as a result of these emails, I have to say I actually look forward to seeing each campaign.

How about you? Do you have any emails that you really look forward to receiving? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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