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Finally, the true extent of image blocking is revealed!

Image not found :(Late last year, Google announced they’d no longer be automatically blocking images in Gmail. This was a blessing for marketers because it gave a benchmark for analysis on how many people have images blocked by default.

6 months on and Litmus data has shown that a whopping 43% of emails are affected by image blocking.

This number was reached by comparing open rates before and after Gmail stopped blocking images by default.

For years we’ve known that image blocking impacts email users but we’ve never known by just how much.

Gmail isn’t blocking images any more

That’s true and it’s a good thing for a couple of reasons. Firstly it means a better user experience for your subscribers. And secondly it means we are now able to report on opens more accurately. So you can get better insight from your email reports.

But you still need to keep image blocking top of mind because the thing to remember is that there are still many email clients that block images by default.

And if we were seeing 43% of Gmail users block images then it’s fair to say it’s still happening across the board with other email clients.

Don’t let image blocking get you down

When you consider the time, money and effort you put into designing beautiful emails, the last thing you want is for your readers to be negatively impacted by image blocking.

Here are 4 easy ways you can minimise the impact of image blocking and give your customers a better experience reading your emails.

  • Grab your readers attention with cleverly written alt text
  • Ask your subscribers to switch on images in your emails
  • Avoid sending image only emails, or all your hard work will be lost if images are disabled
  • Don’t put important copy in images, instead add it as text so it will be visible if images are switched off

Looking for more ideas and inspiration? Check out these detailed ways to rise above image blocking.

What are your ideas for getting around image blocking? Let me know in the comments below.

Kelly Newbery

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Kelly Newbery
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