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Encourage customer feedback with user-friendly surveys

Customer surveys are one of the most cost-effective ways to conduct market research. And with Vision6, they’re super easy to create.

But with that said, there is a very important rule with customer surveys.

Keep them simple.

The best customer surveys are the ones that collect the desired information with minimal effort required on behalf of the respondent. With that in mind, I’d like to share you with my tips for creating user-friendly online surveys using some of the lesser known features in Vision6.

If you’re not familiar with how to create online surveys with Vision6, I’ve included instructions at the bottom of this post.

1. Use Webform Autofill so customers don’t have to re-enter information you already know.

Webform Autofill is a really cool feature for online surveys that capture responses to a new database using a subscribe form. It makes life easier for respondents by automatically entering known information into the new database.

For example, suppose you send an email to customers asking them to complete your survey. Instead of making them re-enter their name, email and phone number into the survey, you can use Webform Autofill to pre-populate these fields.

What’s even better is that you can hide these fields within the survey form, so customers won’t even know they are there. This keeps your survey short and sharp so respondents only need to fill in answers to your questions.

Webform Autofill is setup when inserting the survey’s webform link in your email. In the Insert Link window, simply link to your survey form as normal and then click the Autofill Fields icon. From there, it’s simply a matter of selecting which fields you want to be auto-filled.

webform autofill

2. Bypass the login form so customers can jump straight to your survey.

The Bypass Login Form is a nifty little feature for online surveys that capture responses to an existing database using an update profile form. By default, update profile forms require people to submit information (usually their email address) into a login page. This is because the system needs to know which contact in your database it has to update.

However, when you send customers an email asking them to complete a survey using an update profile form, our system already knows who they are (because it just sent them an email). So by setting up your customer survey to bypass the login form when reached via an email, it removes a step from the process and makes your survey that little bit easier to complete.

The Bypass Login Form setting is available within the Webform Editor under Advanced Settings.

Bypass login





3. Trigger notifications to your customer service team each time someone completes your survey.

Because your online survey will capture responses to a list in your Vision6 account, you can trigger notifications to an email or mobile phone each time it is completed.

Notification emails contain the survey responses so they’re ideal for your customer service team to receive. They’re particularly helpful for customer surveys as it allows your customer service team to respond very quickly to any negative feedback that comes through via your survey.

To setup notifications, go to Lists > select a List and choose Edit > click the ‘edit’ link directly next to your List Name > select the Notifications tab.


So there you have it. With these 3 features, you’re able to make customer surveys just that little bit easier to complete. And hopefully this will lead to more responses.

As promised earlier, here are the steps for creating online surveys with Vision6.

1. Create your List and setup the Field Labels as your survey questions. Be sure to choose an appropriate field format (e.g. dropdown, checkbox, comments etc.) for each question. For help getting started, checkout the List Template for Customer Feedback Surveys.

2. Use the Webform Designer to add colour, images and other design elements to your survey. Check out this post for helpful tips on webform design.

3. Create an email that promotes your survey and insert a link to your survey webform. And that’s it. You’re now ready to send your email out to customers. Survey responses will automatically be collected to your list in Vision6 and you can view them in the Contacts page.

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