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The Ultimate Guide to Email In Australia

See what email marketing looks like in Australia and get the lead on the key metrics and analytics you need to start pushing into an Australian market with email marketing. 

Geographic boundaries are a thing of the past. As marketers extend their reach, they need to think about how to go beyond their domestic market. And going global isn’t new or a fad. According to a study by Lionbridge, 64.1% of respondents say they handle global campaigns at their corporate headquarters.  

When emails cross borders, it’s vital to understand the nuances of each country, including the local laws, cultures and technology. When it comes to email marketing Down Under, we’ve got you covered. We partnered with our friends at Litmus and analysed over two years of Vision6 email marketing metrics to share what’s hot in the land of Oz! Here is the ultimate marketers guide to email in Australia.

Infographic - Email In Australia Key Stats and Metrics 

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What else to know about Email in Australia

Don’t hesitate to see how your own results stack up with our very own Email Marketing Metrics Report. Every month we compile the data that gets sent through Vision6, crush it down and compile it. Giving you all the hard stats you need to make key marketing decisions for your industry.

There have been some really big changes in the last 5 years of email marketing, and some strong business cases where email has worked together with SMS and Social Media to help businesses grow and succeed. 

Email in Australia Marketing Metrics


If you’re sending to a primarily Australian audience, we broke down the big changes made to privacy and Email SPAM laws in 2014 here. For a lot of Australian businesses, knowing where and how your data is stored can be especially daunting. For Vision6 customers, we ensure your data is safe and stored locally, here in Australia. Vision6 is a local operation, made for email in Australia.

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