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Email Message Delivery (and Races)

A few weeks ago, DELL organised a go-karting event that we took part in. The teams were made up of drivers working in various markets but all were there to race. The track was very interesting, plenty of curves, but could allow for quite some speed for the drivers with the right control and precision as well as top knowledge of the track.

For the other drivers, the ones driving too recklessly, the ones ignoring the rules, forcing their way through, the racetrack enforces the black flag. Whoever gets black-flagged is to be taken out of the track and dismissed.

It’s a lot like message delivery, really. If you have the top knowledge of the delivery chain, and conform to rules, together with the appropriate control and precision, your message will make it to the finish line (recipient).

It is quite easy to be black-flagged (or blacklisted), by ignoring a simple rule or going too fast and then hitting a wall of tires.

When go-karting on a racetrack, you don’t get to choose your kart. You are take what is available and make the best of it. This is quite similar to the “best effort” structure of the internet. There are no guarantees that it will go extremely fast, but chances are that if you do everything correctly, it will.

In email marketing, it is vital to keep up to date with best delivery practices, transmission standards by constantly applying the right control and precision to our messages.

The Karts are your IP addresses. You really don’t know if they’re any good before you get into it and give it a go. The guy who rode before you might have broken the steering with his reckless behaviour. 

Make sure the Track Owner takes care of his Karts and services them well.

Take your own protection.  As well as breaking your Kart, the guy before you was really sweaty. There’s nothing worse than a sweaty second hand helmet. 

With your own protection, and some SPF and DomainKeys stickers on the side of your helmet, you’ll be better prepared for the race.

Much like the drivers during the races, doing the right things might not earn you the top spot on the podium, but it will guarantee you will be in the race from start to finish.

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Olivier Allart
Systems Engineer
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