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Email Marketing Summit Australia 2014 Wrap Up

Last week saw the annual Email Marketing Summit Australia (EMSA) come and go for yet another year. It was great to have so many email marketing enthusiasts come along, thank you to all that joined us for a day of email inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed hosting and we hope you enjoyed the day.

There were lots of great speakers and from my perspective, as someone who uses email marketing every day, there were plenty of take aways. Some of the highlights for me were:

Designing emails for a multi screen environment

Ben Stokes from JuniorCru spoke about the 5 latest trends in email design. It’s always good to get the background to these trends so you have a better understanding of why you should (or shouldn’t) adopt them.

Trend 1 – responsive email design. This one is a given in today’s mobile dominated world.

Responsive email designSource:

If you want to learn more about responsive email design our Marketing Specialist Kelly Newbery did a session on this at EMSA in 2013.

Trend 2 – flat User Interface (UI). I am knee deep in flat UI myself these days and it was great to see some inspiring examples of this. Flat design encourages interactivity and engagement both when it comes to emails and website design and involves removing huge bevels and drop shadows to show that things are clickable.

Trend 3 – better transactional email. Gone are the days of a simple receipt email because transactional emails are now a key part of the marketing lifecycle.

Trend 4 – video in email. Video is often shied away from but going forward this may not be the case. A recent stat showed that HTML5 video is supported by 58% of email clients (that’s nothing be be snuffed at).

Trend 5 – animated GIFs. I love a great animated gif in an email. It can be so subtle and yet make such an impact and Ben showed some great examples of this.

Email beyond marketing

Andre Eikmeire from Vinomofo gave a really inspiring presentation about how they tackle their transactional emails.

He opened with “Be Human” – so simple but something we often forget. This is something that I will definitely take away from the session and keep top of mind when next crafting an email. We are all guilty of getting caught up in our own jargon and Vinomofo have been very successful in cutting the BS and just being human. Andre made the point that when he writes an email he writes it as if he is writing it to one person, his best mate. This really helps them get the human element right. And who doesn’t love a bit of email marketing love at a conference, Andre had us all hugging in the aisles 🙂

EMSA hugs

Real email marketing challenge

At EMSA this year we added the challenge which saw two digital agencies, Klyp and Traffika, go head to head. The concept was that each team had 5 hours to come up with some real world campaigns for our make believe company, Ninja Juice, who was struggling with sales targets due to a poor performing marketing manager. You can find out more about the challenge and NinjaJuice here.

Klyp focused on the rename of the juice cleanse program to the FREE NinjaJuice Green Belt Challenge. It was a completely automated, rule based email campaign driving healthy living and an experience, rather than just pushing product.

Green Belt Challenge

Traffika went down the route of getting back to their core strategy and focused on

  • List cleansing & segmentation,
  • List acquisition (i.e. Facebook competition)
  • Database messaging (i.e list nurturing, purchase behaviour, loyalty program updates)
  • Content amplification & new customer reach (i.e Facebook custom audiences, Outbrain native ads)
  • Audience & channel insights (i.e creation of key personas)

Traffika took out the crown of the real email marketing challenge winner on the day and wasted no time and was soon celebrating backstage.

Traffika celebrating

Each team did a great job with their strategy and campaigns in such a short amount of time. Well done to both teams!

From an email marketing perspective, I was able to take a lot from the day. EMSA gives us the opportunity to see some great things other people are doing and learn how we can incorporate these real world examples into our own campaigns.

Check out all the photos from the day and make sure you tag yourself!

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