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Easily edit your images in Vision6

Do you hate jumping between different programs on your computer? Maybe it slows you down, disrupts your concentration or causes you to lose focus?

It certainly does for me!

There’s nothing more annoying than being eyeballs deep into an email campaign and then having to stop, patiently wait for photoshop to open, find the image to edit, edit it and then resave.

It messes with my email marketing mojo.

Or even worse, maybe you currently have to pay someone to edit your images for you because you don’t have the necessary software.

Well, we have some really exciting news. You can now easily edit all of your images within Vision6.

What exactly does the new image editor do?

Imagine finding the perfect image, uploading it into Vision6, cropping out the photobomber in the background, adding some clever text and then resizing it to fit your email perfectly. All within seconds.

Now you can easily resize, crop, rotate, flip and add text to your images all within Vision6.

There’s a bunch of other features that we’re considering adding. So let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to do when editing images.

Login to your account now to check it out and see for yourself how quick and easy it is to edit images in Vision6. If you’re not a customer and want to check it out sign up for a free trial.

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Kelly Newbery
Marketing Specialist

P.S What do you think of the new feature? I’d love to hear your thoughts or feedback in the comments section below.

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