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How to create irresistible emails that get opened, read and clicked (part 3)

Mouse clickThis is the 3rd and final instalment in the series on how to create irresistible emails that get opened, read and clicked.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the journey so far and have learnt a thing or two about:

  1. How to create emails that people actually want
  2. How to write subject lines that get your email opened

Now for the final (and arguably most important) part in the series…

How to get your emails read and your links clicked

So you’ve got people to open your emails. Well done! But your job isn’t over just yet.

Readers can still lose interest and move on to something else, undoing all of your hard work in less than a second. And you don’t want that.

Instead you want them reading your email and clicking your links to find out more.

Here’s some tips to help you create engaging emails that entice readers to click.

1. Keep it simple

Respect your reader’s time and get to the point. Don’t complicate your email with long-winded sentences and try to stick with one key message per email.

2. Be clear in what you want readers to do

Would you like them to register for an event, purchase a product, read an article, enter a competition or claim an offer? Be specific and don’t be afraid to ask for the click in order to make it super obvious to readers what it is that you want them to do.

3. Use a mix of text and images for your links

Buttons, arrows and other clickable images are great at prompting readers to click. However a lot of your readers are probably scanning your email with the images turned off (which is the default setting in many email clients). So it’s important that you include text links in your email as well as images in order to make it as easy as possible for readers to click through for more.

4. Make the most of the P.S

There is something about a P.S that just grabs people’s attention. Whether the reader has read all the way to the bottom of your email or quickly scrolled their way through, the P.S is a great place to remind them why they should click and pursue your desired course of action.

5. Use your imagination

It’s not enough to just show people your call to action. You need to make them want to do it. Use your creativity to write compelling copy and use interesting visuals that entice people to click your button or link.

6. Gain insight from your reports

By referring to Click Maps and other link tracking reports you’ll quickly gain insight into what makes your readers click. Learn from your experience and optimise your emails based on what has worked in the past.

Posted by:
Matthew Johnson
EDM Specialist

P.S Thank you for making it to the end of this series on how to create irresistible emails that get opened, read and clicked.

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