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    Could this be the golden rule of effective email marketing?

    “To get what you want, you have to deliver what they want.”

    This is a pearl of wisdom shared by Brian Clark at Copyblogger during an interview over at Daily Success Deals. 

    He was talking about the most effective way to get new clients and customers buying from you. But in an environment where email open rates are on the decline, Brian’s remark is more relevant to email marketers today than ever.

    The fact is that unless you’re 100% committed to sending email content that is interesting and valuable to your subscribers, you’ll struggle to retain their attention.

    So how do you deliver email content that subscribers want?

    Let’s explore the answers with the help of some fun little cartoons created by Web Target Magazine. Enjoy!

    Be relevant | Your email should have interesting content

    Tips & Tricks in Marketingland – Be Relevant

    To truly be relevant you need to start by paying attention to your recipients and learn what they find interesting.

    You can do this by:

    • Asking for their preferences when they subscribe
    • Including updates profile forms or options in your emails
    • Conducting surveys or even short web polls

    You can also identify trends within your campaign reports by monitoring the performance of campaigns and click-through rates in particular. To do this look at the reports from your last 5 email campaigns and create a list of all the links and the number of times they were clicked. Then group these links into categories based on the nature of the content they link to such as product information, competitions and promotions, and educational resources.

    Get personal | Customised emails are always the most effective

    Tips & Tricks in Marketingland – Get Personal

    Once you’ve learnt what your customers find interesting you can start segmenting your database and target content based on their interests. This might sound challenging, but it’s probably easier than you think.

    By using conditional content in your emails, you’re able to personalise your email message for each recipient even though you send only one email campaign. This ensures your email is relevant to the interests of each recipient and has the added bonus of being a huge time saver for you.

    Whilst email marketing helps you achieve your company’s goals, never forget that you need to ‘give to get’. Recipients don’t care about your goals and interests. They only care about how you can meet their needs and desires. So deliver what they want and you’ll then get what you want.

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    Matthew Johnson
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