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What recent tax changes mean for your EOFY email marketing

End of financial year provides a wealth of opportunities for businesses to email their customers.

For example, EOFY sales, promotions and tax time reminders are all excellent ways to engage your audience.

But this year provides an even greater opportunity for email marketing because of recent tax changes impacting small businesses.

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5 tips to feng shui your email marketing

The concept of feng shui traditionally relates to the placement of items to create harmony and good energy within the environment.

While feng shui dates back to ancient Chinese philosophy, there are definitely some great concepts from feng shui which can be used to harmonise your email marketing activities! And who doesn’t want good energy for their emails?

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6 ways to exceed customer expectations with email marketing

You have a great business with a great product that is really going to benefit people and you really want to ace customer service.

Your customer service team should be your biggest brand ambassadors and the goal is to surprise your customers with just how good the service is! Here are some customer service tips to incorporate into your email marketing which might help you pleasantly surprise your customers with just how much you care.

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Find out how Vinomofo use email marketing to drive 60% of their sales

60% of all Vinomofo sales come from emails, so this is one area they are really excelling in.

Check out this recap of their presentation from the Email Marketing Summit of Australia to find out how they build better relationships and increase sales using email marketing.

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Love it or hate it Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for your email marketing

It’s hard to deny the opportunity that Valentines Day provides especially for the retail, hospitality and tourism industries. In the US 62% of adults say they celebrate Valentine’s Day. So how can you incorporate Valentine’s Day into your email campaigns? Here are a few simple things you can do.

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Using email to create urgency and drive sales for EOFYS

EOFYS is all about creating urgency with the goal of getting rid of old inventory so there is less to take stock of at June 30. Email marketing is perfect for EOFYS as it is a proven platform that can help create urgency and drive sales.

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3 ways to make a great first impression with your welcome emails

First impressions count.

Whether you’re on a first date, job interview or sending your very first email these impressions are long lasting.

So when someone gives you their email address and subscribes to your newsletter you get a one time chance to make a cracking first impression.

This is your time to shine and the best way to do it is to send an awesome welcome email.

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Are you making these 3 embarrassing email marketing mistakes?

How has your email marketing been performing recently? Are you kicking goals, getting conversions and increasing revenue.

Or are you like a lot of other people out there and your email marketing is just going okay? Just okay. Nothing spectacular.

If you fall into the second group you’re probably making one of these common email marketing mistakes. But don’t worry, you can turn your email marketing around with these simple fixes.

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How to create emails that sell (without scaring your customers away)

Would you like to sell more with every email you send? But worry about coming across as a pushy salesperson?

Well, I’d like to share with you some tried and tested tactics that some of the best marketers use to create emails that sell.

And don’t worry, they won’t make your emails seem like the aggressive door to door salesmen we all try to avoid.

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