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Top Email Marketing Secrets Revealed by Vision6 Agency Partner

We love hearing how professionals use Email Marketing to drive great results, and our agency partners are experts at what they do. So, we had a chat with Seed, an agency that’s created kicka$$ email campaigns for clients across the globe for 5 years, and they’re here to reveal their top email marketing secrets! They’ve built their service around the one thing every marketer wants – a way to save time.

Tim from Seed Shares Top Email Marketing Secrets
Meet Tim, Owner of Seed

“Prior to starting Seed, I was an Office Manager. Our staff didn’t have the time to design attractive emails, send them regularly or even understand the reporting. Automation was never handled properly and the database was always out of date. I understood the power of email marketing, and if done correctly it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools available. I saw this as an opportunity to create a service that helped businesses, just like mine, to achieve their goals using email”.

Seed are experts at understanding their clients’ needs and have grown their business substantially through word-of-mouth advertising. They understand the value of creating strong, one-to-one partnerships and have plans to expand internationally in the UK and New Zealand.

Seed Email Templates

So… what are their email marketing secrets?

Email is an incredibly strong marketing channel for any business, and the best way to get results is to have a strong understanding of the campaign objective. Seed do this daily, taking the time to strategically develop each element of their campaign and achieve results well above benchmark.

“Our team find the Vision6 program the most versatile program available and we are in the process of moving all our clients over to Vision6. The email designer is robust and the reports are great to read and share. Very simple and effective.”

Truthfully, it all starts with an amazing-looking email. But to really succeed, Seed strongly believe in the power of the database. Keeping your list up-to-date with any changes, new subscribers, and data you can leverage to create personalised campaigns is paramount to success. Sadly, the database is usually the first thing to get neglected when time is tight.

To keep your campaigns generating great results, here’s a breakdown of our top three email marketing secrets:

  1. Start segmenting now! It’s really easy to start breaking down any list in Vision6. Target groups of your audience that open emails frequently and create separate campaigns for an audience with low engagement. Check out our blog post on taking your email list to the next level for some more ideas.
  2. To create awesome email campaigns, it helps to really, REALLY understand who you’re sending emails to. Run a survey, create an ‘update profile’ webform, or ask for additional details that’ll help make your campaigns more effective.
  3. Take your reports to the next level by plugging in your website or Google Analytics data. Once you’ve been able to start breaking down your audience into segments, you can start using Google tracking codes to get a better idea of what your audience is doing once they click the links within your emails.

Understanding your audience is the key to successful email marketing. Seed have managed to create a service that allows them to work closely with their clients. Taking their campaigns from concept to completion, while keeping the business efficient. Use these email marketing secrets and apply them to your own campaigns. You could see a big difference in performance too!

You can learn more about Seed by clicking here.

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