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HTML and text email – an imaginary showdown

Question: Which type of email performs best? HTML or Text.

Recently a colleague and I were debating this very topic. Ultimately the answer is “it depends” as there are pros and cons to each. But it got me thinking… what would HTML and Text emails have to say for themselves if posed this very question?

HTML v's text

H: It’s obvious. I’m far better than Text. I’m more advanced and attractive. When people see me, they stand up and pay attention.

T: You know HTML, I’m sick of you sitting up there on your perch thinking you’re all high and mighty. Just because you’re wearing all those flashy colours, images and styles you think you’re better than me. Well you’re not. I can communicate a message just as well, if not better than you.

H: Shut up Text. You’re just jealous because you’re plain and boring.

T: Yeah well, it’s what’s on the inside that really matters. At least with me, you know what you’re getting. Not like you where half the time you turn up looking like a mess.

H: You know you talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? I mean, how does anyone truly know what’s going on with you? You can’t be tracked after all.

T: Can too! Well sort of anyway. I carry links just like you do. They just have to be text links, but the clicks are tracked all the same.

H: Yeah well, you still look ugly!

T: Ouch, was that really necessary HTML? I have feelings too you know. Anyway, just because I carry only plain text it doesn’t mean I can’t look good too. I just get dressed with more conventional methods like line spacing, special characters and syntax.

H: Yeah I guess that’s true. Maybe your blandness is why you manage to get through to more places than me. Those pesky mail filters hardly seem to notice you at all.

T: Now there’s a back handed compliment if I ever heard one. You just can’t seem to acknowledge that I’m better than you at some things. That’s it. I’m telling on you. Multipart, HTML is picking on me again.

M: Now listen you two! I’ve had enough of this bickering. You know that when you work together you’re both very good at what you do. Now let’s go. Kiss and make up as we have a job to do. These messages won’t send themselves you know.

T: Sorry HTML.

H: Sorry Text.

 Posted by:
Matthew Johnson
EDM Specialist 
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