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8 Ways To Reconnect With Your Readers

Many businesses and marketers start email marketing with a bang. They work tirelessly to build their email list to a considerable amount of subscribers. But after a couple of months, things start to fizzle and they become inconsistent with sends or give up entirely. If your email marketing efforts have gone from fab to feeble, here are 8 creative ways to reconnect. 

1. Acknowledge your absence

We all receive a lot of emails every day.

With this amount of messages entering their inbox, it is very easy for your subscribers to forget who you are or why they subscribed to your email list in the first place. That’s why it’s important that you remind them. 

In the email,  show why they would want to continue receiving your emails with a clear value proposition. 

For the best re-engagement email: 

  • Keep it short and straight to the point don’t bore them or scare them away with too much copy. 
  • Make sure your value proposition is clear. Show them what you have to offer.
  • The email has a clear call-to-action (CTA) that is relevant to the reader.

2. Offer value

Remember that your subscribers are receiving a ton of messages every day. You need to deliver emails with great value to stand out. If you keep delivering content without any value, not only would they stop engaging with your content, they might hit the unsubscribe button. 

If your focus is on delivering value to your subscribers, you would always have content to share. First, you need to find out who your target audience is. This gives you a clue about the kind of content they want to see. 

Some ways you can deliver value in your messages is by sharing success stories, providing case studies, and helping subscribers learn with ebooks, courses, webinars, and more. 

3. Personalise your emails

Email personalisation is much more than adding the recipient’s name to the email. We have a ton of data at our fingertips, but we do not take full advantage of this. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips to help you personalisation your emails. 

Ask questions 

Ask questions like why they subscribed to your list, what kind of content they want to see, or the questions they want answers to. 

Set up automated behavioural triggers

Behavioural triggered emails are sent in response to actions that are taken by the subscribers. 

An example is the messages you receive from Facebook after you haven’t logged in 5 days. The email was sent out because of an action you took. (Or didn’t take!)

Triggered emails have a higher open rate than traditional emails. These emails are perfect for re-engagement, onboarding, cross-selling, up-selling, lead generation and nurturing.

Personalise your brand

Email personalisation is not limited to your customer data. You can also personalise your business. Personalising your brand makes it look human and can increase the connection between the brand and the subscriber. 

4. Use retargeting campaigns to win back inactive subscribers

You can retarget your inactive subscribers with ads to win them over again. The best platform you can use for retargeting campaigns is Facebook. 

5. Run re-engagement events

Start a campaign by hosting a series of online events for your subscribers. With these events, you can build an active community that regularly engage with your content. 

Some ideas for events that you could run on social media or your website include:

  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Interviews
  • Coaching sessions
  • Facebook or Instagram Live
  • Q&As

6.  Offer a freebie

If you want your subscribers to engage with your emails, offer them an incentive that is so valuable that they wonder why it is free.


If you can offer a product for free, that’s great. There is no better way to reconnect than offering free yoghurt. 🙂

This email is great for re-engaging subscribers that have not engaged with your content in a long time. An incentive also makes your message more persuasive. 

The main component of a great freebie is that it resonates with your subscribers and helps them solve a particular need. 

Some other ideas that can get their attention by helping to solve a particular need are

  • E-book
  • A free video course. (This should be a course that people would want to pay good money for)
  • An email course
  • A workbook
  • A valuable cheat sheet
  • Swipe files
  • An in-depth checklist

7. Send emails at the right time

To ensure that the maximum number of people see your email, it is important that you figure out the ideal time to message them.

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8. It’s okay to delete subscribers

If Your attempt to reconnect doesn’t go to plan, it is okay to delete them from your list. 

Cleaner lists mean fewer wasted sends and improved deliverability, open and click-through rates.

These 8 tips should help you reconnect with your subscribers and increase your engagement rates. 

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