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6 Tips to Cruise Through the Holiday Season

Can you believe we’re on the downhill run to the end of the year?!? After we make it through the holiday season, of course. If it has snuck up on you too, never fear, we have 6 tips to help you get your holiday email marketing prepared so we can cruise through the holiday season.

1. Start planning now, if you haven’t already

What? There aren’t any holidays for weeks, you say? Sure, but it will be here soon and anyway, planning in advance will let you iron out all of the wrinkles. It will also give you time to set up some automations and schedule your emails, which means more time for the end of year parties!

2. Pick your holidays

It’s not called the holiday season for nothing! There are a heap of holidays you can choose from in the last quarter of the year but you don’t need to do everything. Pick the ones you think will resonate most with your audience. Here’s a list to help you narrow it down. If there are holidays you celebrate with your customers we’d love to hear about it on the socials.

Diwali, between mid-October and mid-November

The festival of light which celebrates the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

Halloween, 31st October

A massive holiday in the United States and interest is growing in Australia. Why not send a treat, or perhaps even a trick!

Movember, all of November

The month when men grow moustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Your team could raise awareness and money… or sell out your backstock of moustache combs.

Melbourne Cup, first Tuesday of November

Get your sales off and racing! The lead up to Melbourne Cup would be a great time to promote your fashion products (and those moustache combs).

Singles Day, 11th November

The opposite of St Valentine’s Day, this day is to celebrate yourself. Promote your self-care products or services.

Remembrance Day, 11th November

Share your respect for those who have served with your audience.

Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November in the USA

While it’s not a very big holiday in Australia, it’s a lovely opportunity to say thank you to your customers for their support.

Black Friday, the fourth Friday in November

The day the shops go crazy with bargain-hunting Christmas shoppers. Don’t feel like you have to be restricted to one day either.

Cyber Monday, Monday after Black Friday

The online version of Black Friday. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are growing in popularity in Australia.

Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, or other seasonal celebrations

Make sure you choose the most relevant holiday for your audience and send them a message to build your relationship.

Boxing Day, 26th December

The day the shops go crazy, again, with the post-Christmas bargain-hunters. Make sure your customers know about your discounts.

New Year’s Day, 1 January

The day when we get up and start a new year of marketing all over again. (Or maybe the day before we do that…)

3. Decide what you want to say

Once you’ve picked the holidays you would like to build your campaigns around, decide what you want your campaigns to achieve.

Will it be an email to honour your audience, like this Veterans Day email from Starbucks?

Starbucks | Subject line: Here’s how you can thank a veteran

Starbucks, example of holiday email marketing

Or a sales teaser email, like this Black Friday example from Article?

Article | This weekend only: please don’t shop X

Article, example of holiday email marketing

Or offer a discount, like this Blue Apron Halloween email.

Blue Apron | Forget the candy, this deal is the sweetest one yet!

Blue Apron, example of holiday email marketing

And don’t forget the beautiful simplicity of sending a holiday message to your audience to thank them for their support, like this one we sent out last year.

Vision6 | Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Vision6 team

Vision6, example of holiday email marketing

If you need more ideas you can find heaps of templates, ready to update and send in Vision6.

4. Decide if it will be a one-off message or a campaign

Holiday email marketing is a fantastic way to reach people, but when you add SMS marketing to a campaign you can boost engagement and cut through.

Add an SMS reminder at times when sales emails fill everybody’s inbox. Complement your detail and information-rich email with a short, sharp text.

5. Schedule your emails and SMS

Once you’ve got your emails all planned, written and designed schedule them!

It’s a great way to make sure that they go out, even if you’re caught up in a pre-holiday panic. And don’t worry if you lose track of it in the holiday madness, all of your send and scheduled emails are stored in the Marketing Calendar.

6. Set up some automation

Whether it’s an automatic response to people who complete a sign-up form while the office is closed, or someone who has abandoned their shopping cart, keep in contact with your customers by setting up some automated email responses.

Once you’ve made it through all six steps and your holiday campaigns are sorted you can get into the serious business of celebrating the holidays!

Ready to make holiday email marketing easy? Create your free, fully-featured Vision 6 trial account to access the holiday templates and get started.

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