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5 productivity tips for the holiday season

Tis the season for advent calendars, family feasts, and mini heart attacks when you check your bank balance post-gift-giving. We’re certainly in the midst of preparing for the holiday season, but with so many competing demands and expectations, it’s easy to lose focus and momentum in the office.

Whether you’re in the lead up to your end of year vacation or gearing up to work through the holidays, here are my 5 tips to help you stay focused.

Make a list and check it twice

Create a roadmap of all the must-have and nice-to-have tasks to complete. Once you’ve listed them you can prioritise based on those that are urgent and those that can be put on the back burner. Once you’ve decided which tasks are essential, focus your energy and creativity on those. If your boss is taking time off this can be a great opportunity to get through those niggly tasks that pushed out during busier times.

Plan and schedule your time

Not taking work home is a mantra I live by. While it’s a nearly impossible feat, leaving your work at work helps relieve the stress and sleepless nights that are amplified during the chaotic holiday season. Plan ahead and let your boss know what days you’ll be taking off and be strict on overtime. The same principle should be applied at work, while tempting, definitely avoid gift purchasing or holiday planning from your desk.

Get into the holiday spirit

The Vision6 office is beaming with ornaments and decorations leading up to the holidays and the Vision6-ers are embracing the cheerful spirit! Try not to combat distraction with denial. When you’re feeling happy you’re 36% more motivated, six times more energised, and twice as productive than those that aren’t.

Don’t be a yes man

With all of the office parties, social engagements and family affairs (not to mention tragic hangovers) it’s easy to over do it. Fighting a serious hangover mixed with a little sleep deprivation and a bright desktop doesn’t exactly equal high productivity. Choose a few events that are important to you from both a work and social perspective and RSVP, make sure to send a polite thanks but no thanks to the rest.

Clear the clutter

One of my top tips when preparing for the year ahead is to set aside some time for a digital spring clean. There are few things worse than coming back to work with calm and clear mind only to click open your filing system and find nothing, nowhere. Move all stray files into logical folders and make sure every document has an easily traceable home. Save your future self time and create a naming convention. The same anxiety can come from opening your inbox when your emails number into the thousands. Create a sensible folder system and sort by sender.


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