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5 tips to feng shui your email marketing

Feng Shui your email marketing

Feng shui has a lot of concepts which can be used to improve your email marketing. “Hang on, isn’t feng shui all about furniture in your house?” you might be asking. Well, yes. But hear me out.

The concept of feng shui traditionally relates to the placement of items to create harmony and good energy within the environment.

While feng shui dates back to ancient Chinese philosophy, there are definitely some great concepts from feng shui which can be used to harmonise your email marketing activities! And who doesn’t want good energy for their emails?

1. Light

In email marketing terms this can translate into the readability of your email. Is your text too small? Is the font type too difficult to read? Do the colours make it hard on the eyes?

If you keep your email design easy to read by using lots of white space and contrasting colours, your readers (and their eyes!) will thank you. It also becomes easier for readers to scan your email and engage with your content quickly.

2. Tidy

Clutter is the enemy of good feng shui so keep your content minimal. If you find yourself regularly sending lengthy articles, try cutting down by using read more links.

Be very picky with what you include in your emails – don’t have too many calls to action. You don’t want to overwhelm your customers by asking them to do too much. Keep your emails free from clutter and only include things that are relevant and engaging for your customers.

3. Harmony

A key concept of feng shui, harmony, is very important in your email marketing. Not only is it important to have a harmonious email design which is balanced, it’s also important to have harmony in how your email marketing is run.

You can lighten the load and make things flow more smoothly by using web forms, autoresponders and notifications. This allows you to automate your processes, which will lessen the stress of doing it all manually!

4. Add a personal touch

I’ve talked before about the importance of personalising your customer’s experience. It’s a critical concept when doing business – customers expect faster service, but they also expect the personal touch.

You can really easily give your customers that personal touch with minimal effort by using conditional content in your emails. This means that your customer will see content that really applies to them.

5. Let it go

Check your email reporting – are there links that aren’t being clicked but you find yourself including them every time you do a send? With the exception of the unsubscribe link (congratulations if you aren’t getting any clicks on that!), you can remove any items that aren’t getting any love from your readers.

Do you have any great tips for a harmonious email design? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Brynnin Posted by:
Brynnin Halliday
Senior Support Consultant
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