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5 Secrets to Awesome Video Marketing

If you need to stand out and get your message heard, video might be your ultimate secret weapon. Paired with captivating content, video can play a powerful role in your emails, on your website and across your social channels. And it’s not hard to get started.

If your name’s not Steven Spielberg, don’t worry. Here are my top 5 secrets of successful video marketing.

Video doesn’t have to be big

Want to make a video for you business? Awesome. There’s hundreds of ways to get started, but also, plenty of really small things you could start doing tomorrow. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram really favour short, looping content.

Have you scrolled down your timeline and noticed all those cooking videos? There’s no reason you can’t apply that simple, D.I.Y style of video to your brand. Show off your product, create a fun social video, get on the latest trends, or borrow some stock footage to piece together a quick story.


Always have a simple, clear call to action

It’s sometimes easy to overlook, but like your landing pages, website and emails, a simple and clear call to action (CTA) works best. If you can weave your CTA in the video itself, great! But most video platforms allow you to have multiple CTA’s within and around your video.

The key to a powerful CTA anywhere, is relevancy. Make sure your content makes sense in the context and helps drive the actions you want your audience to take.

Email and video play really nicely together

You want people to see your hard work. Well, there’s a secret to getting attention and it’s in the power of an email address. Email has a proven track record of getting noticed with open rates hovering at 30%. And your videos? They’re only going to help push your click-through-rate higher. Get your video content noticed by promoting it on your websites, social channels and emails.

On the flip side, video can be a powerful way to ask for those email addresses too. Using a service like Wistia, you’ll be able to add call-to-actions directly into your video content. Or better yet, a ‘turnstile’ that asks for an email address before or during video playback. It opens up the possibility of video as a real driving element in your marketing campaigns at both ends of the funnel.


Did you write a script for your video? Well, you’re halfway there. Most video platforms will allow you to upload an SRT file with your captions. Captions are easy to make in Textedit or notepad, but they’re also a super powerful way to help your video get noticed by anyone, anywhere. Whether they’re on the train, in the office or even if they’re a software algorithm that delivers content. Let viewers watch your videos without needing to turn on sound, as well as help Google and Youtube know what’s in your videos to help them index it.

Pro tip. Facebook and YouTube have built-in caption generators and editors. Simply upload your videos, see what captions they generate and edit them appropriately. There’s no reason not to make it easier for your audience to watch your videos.

The power of context

Video is not a magic key to unlocking superpowers for your marketing. It is a powerful way to get attention but it’s important to think how you’re going to deliver your video. Google will look at video titles, descriptions and metadata, but to really make your video shine, you need to give your video context. Place it on landing pages, within a blog or pair it with some strong marketing copy on social and it can’t be stopped.



Set your videos up for success with strong calls to action, relevant copy and by incorporating it holistically into your marketing efforts. Words are powerful in our marketing communications, but video can certainly give you the edge in the battle for attention. Deploy your secret weapon today and get noticed with a strong video strategy.

Chris Bentley
Media Producer that wants to light the world on fire with video... or at least save you from too much reading. Without his camera, Chris spends his time rounding up two young children or distracting them with video games.
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