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5 Revenue-Boosting SMS Marketing Strategies For Shopify Businesses

SMS marketing is one of the most direct and effective ways to reach your customers. In fact, SMS marketing holds the record for an average open rate of 98%. Despite this, there are many eCommerce businesses that haven’t yet tapped into SMS marketing as part of their strategy.

If you’re a Shopify user, you’ve likely set up email automations to notify your customers when their order is confirmed or shipped. You may even have created an abandoned cart email to try to win back some of your lost sales. But if you’re not using SMS marketing for Shopify, then you may be missing out on reaching a huge chunk of your audience. 

SMS marketing has high engagement rates, builds relationships with customers, and creates heaps of cross-channel marketing opportunities. Plus, you can easily set up SMS automations by integrating your Shopify account with an SMS marketing tool like Vision6.

1. Abandoned cart campaigns

There are plenty of ways that you can entice your Shopify customers to come back and complete their order. Abandoned cart emails are one way you can easily personliseBy setting up an abandoned cart automation, you can send text messages directly to your customers’ mobiles whenever or wherever they are.

They may have abandoned their cart for any number of reasons, so reaching out while you’re still on their minds can prompt them to return to your store. One of the most common reasons that people abandon carts is because of pricing, particularly unexpected shipping costs. By offering an incentive such as free shipping or a discount along with your abandoned cart notification, you are much more likely to recover lost sales.

2. Exclusive sales and promotions

Giving customers exclusive access to sales is a great way to build brand loyalty and make them feel valued. If they have purchased from you before or are part of your SMS marketing list, a personalised message with special sale information is an effective way to elicit return customers.

Combining this with a ‘limited time’ deal will give your messages a sense of urgency, which taps into the natural response consumers have to scarcity marketing. Use wording like ‘Exclusive’, ‘Last chance’, ‘Ends Friday’, ‘24hrs only’, and ‘Special Offer’ to catch readers attention and highlight the limited time frame they need to act in.

3. Feedback forms

Your communication doesn’t end as soon as a transaction is complete. It’s important to follow up with your customers to get a better understanding of their journey experience. Unfortunately, feedback forms don’t always bring in glamorous response rates. That’s where your SMS marketing comes in.

Include a short link to your feedback form in your message and personalise your request by associating it to their recent purchase. You can do this by including a feedback message in your order automation series or segmenting your SMS list into products of interest. 

Not only will this make customers feel valued, but it’s a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience and receive instant feedback. You can easily set up and deploy this as part of your SMS marketing automations, and then track responses and deliveries with our handy reporting features.

4. Restock notifications

Instead of leaving customers disappointed when they see many of your popular products have sold out, allow them to express their interest in restock notifications. You can do this with a simple form on your product page to gather their information and an SMS automation to let them know when these products are back in your inventory. 

Sending notifications is a gentle reminder to re-engage with your brand and an effective way to market to an already interested customer. This will make your efforts much more impactful, and if you include an incentive like a free shipping offer, you can easily boost sales as soon as your products come back into stock.

5. Winback campaigns

Your marketing lists likely have a percentage of inactive subscribers who have become unengaged over time. While you should regularly clean up your lists, you should also use this as an opportunity to segment these subscribers and try to win them back before losing them completely. 

Winback campaigns are particularly effective for products that need re-supply, such as pet care or beauty items, or if an incentive is included in the offer. Simply reminding inactive subscribers about your business or products might not be enough to entice them back. Winback texts should give customers a good reason to re-engage, such as a discount, free gifts, or even entry into a competition or giveaway. 

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