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5 Email Marketing Tips to Make Your Next Event a Success

You’ve got about a 2-3 month window to deliver the promise of a sell-out event. You have everything planned down to a T, now all you need is the last piece of the puzzle; your attendees. So it’s time to start creating hype through a perfect series of emails to show your subscribers the benefits they will reap by attending.

Here are the secret ingredients you’ll need to launch a successful event campaign that will  get more attendees through the door (or virtual door).

1. Justify Why Subscribers Should Attend Your Event

Whether it’s a virtual, live or hybrid event, people want to know what they stand to gain before investing effort, money, and more importantly, their time. Professional conferences and tradeshow events tend to be quite pricey so it’s no wonder many of your potential prospects are still sitting on the fence, weighing up the pros and cons. If you want to sell your event, start building your case in your event marketing emails by:

Breaking down the cost

There are many reasons why your subscribers remain in the “umming and arring” phase of their purchase decision. The most common internal battle being value vs. cost. 

Moz included a helpful image which broke down the price for their subscribers so they can see exactly where their money goes. This email not only fulfils its job in convincing subscribers the value of their ticket but also provides a winning pitch to the C-suite!

Give them a list of pros

Don’t expect your subscribers to rock up at your doorstep ready to sign up. You will need to provide a roadmap that guides your audience through the roadblocks that may be stopping them on their path to purchase. 

DigiMarCon’s promotional event email lists the many insights and key takeaways attendees will gain if they purchase a ticket. The use of an infographic makes it easily digestible and invites the reader to scroll. 

Event Marketing Email
Source: DigiMarCon

2. Include Social Proof

People trust people. Whether it’s a 5-star rating, overwhelmingly positive reviews or your friend simply swears by it, social proof is a powerful weapon when it comes to persuading those fence-sitters. Let your customers do the heavy lifting for you, their opinions alone, carry weight in swaying your prospects’ purchase decision.

Start wearing your event reviews, customer testimonials and endorsements like a badge of honour. This will provide your subscribers with the stamp of approval they need before purchasing a ticket to your event.

3. Provide an Opportunity for Networking

Events provide a golden opportunity for attendees to network. For most people, the meet and greets are one of the highlights of the event. So when you’re planning your event email campaigns use your images and teaser videos to showcase this experience and begin building hype amongst your subscriber community. 

Source: SBC Digital Summit

SBC Digital Summit went above and beyond to create an immersive experience for their attendees by providing the next best thing to a live event…a virtual replica of their networking lounge with chat windows. This created the familiar feeling of a live event whilst also providing the opportunity for attendees to connect with each other. Creating unique experiences such as this is one way to boost your engagement metrics and leave a lasting impression.  

4. Give Them a Little Taste of What’s to Come

You don’t want to blow the element of surprise, but it’s always worth giving your subscribers sneak peeks to build their anticipation. Here’s a couple of event email marketing ideas you can use to tease your subscribers:

Speaker Highlights

Your stellar speaker line-up is one of your best assets so it’s in your best interest to flaunt it. Here’s a speaker spotlight example that we crafted to promote EMSA. When you’re intending on doing a speaker spotlight make sure you include a profile picture so your subscribers can familiarise themselves with presenters by putting a face to a name. Include a speaker bio that covers a short snippet about their session to demonstrate value and build excitement.

Event Marketing Email

Teaser Videos

Showcase the success of your previous events by using your recap videos to immerse your subscribers in the experience. This means including snippets of other highlights other than the main event for e.g. networking, food and drinks, workshops, exhibitor stalls etc. These teaser videos will also work well as an attention-grabbing visual for your emails that will encourage click-throughs.

To keep our subscribers engaged in the lead up to our annual email marketing summit,  we crafted a series of emails to spotlight our expert speakers. By including short videos like the one below we were able to build interest and likewise increase our email engagement rates.

Sharing Resources

Providing resources in your event promo emails is another way to demonstrate your business provides value. This paves the way for attendees to engage and interact with your website bringing them one step closer to converting. 

Here’s a couple of resources worth sharing:

  • Make it easier for your attendees to access information by providing a downloadable copy of the agenda or event program.
  • A link to a document or webpage where subscribers can check out the attendee list. Include attendee contact details and social profile links (if you have the permission) so you can give your attendees the opportunity to connect with each other. 
  • Blog articles that are relevant to your event for e.g. a how-to blog on a product you may be promoting at your event or resource articles that relate to your speaker topics. These provide great refreshers for your attendees to read up on before the big day.

5. Create a Sense of Urgency

Not receiving an overwhelming number of registrations? Boot your subscribers into gear by throwing countdown timers and time-sensitive copy into your email campaigns. If you want to send your subscribers into a click frenzy, use the final days of your special offers or early bird promotions to show them what they stand to lose. 

Synapse uses their event email to remind subscribers it’s their last chance to use their promo code to save 50%. Notice how they have included time-sensitive copy like ‘last chance’ and the countdown timer above the fold. This makes sure they are hitting their subscribers with the urgent message straight away then guiding their eyes down to their strong CTA.

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