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4 reasons why landing pages rock

Email landing pages are a part of everyday life for most email marketers. Rather than containing all of the information available most emails contain links to a variety of landing pages such as web pages, blog articles, shopping carts, social media etc. As well as providing marketers with great metrics on content popularity, landing pages also keep emails concise, user-friendly and interesting.

1. Promote your main offer

Worlds Longest EmailYour emails should be as long as they need to be without being too overwhelming for your audience.

Think about the single most important thing you want to achieve by sending your email. This needs to be the most prominent item in the newsletter and by including a link for them to click as your call to action, you will be able to track how effective your email was.

Remember the longer and more cluttered your email is the less likely your audience is to do the one thing you really want them to do.

2. Keep your email short and reader friendly

To keep your emails from becoming too long you can easily use ‘read more’ links and calls to action which are linked to landing pages.

Rather than including an entire article in your email it is a much better idea to include 1-2 sentences that sum up an article or capture the audience’s attention and then get them to click a ‘read more’ link to read the rest.

3. There are many types of landing pages

Landing pages can be made up from almost anything including an email landing page, website page, shopping cart, blog post, or even multimedia.

Email landing pages are very easy to set up and use. If you do not have a page or blog on your website where you can place extra information you can use an email landing page. Simply copy your email template and remove any of the elements until you are left with a clean and tidy landing page that suits your audience.

Don’t try to tell your entire story in an email. Instead link to a landing page.

If you would like some tips on what you should include in your landing page check out this ‘Blueprint for a Perfectly Testable Landing Page‘ by KISSmetrics.

Website pages, blog posts and shopping carts are also great places to send your audience as they can browse through your website, subscribe to your blog or even make a purchase.

Send your audience to a shopping cart.

Multimedia is also becoming a very common type of landing page. Many organisations choose to create a 2 minute YouTube video that audiences can watch rather than reading a long article. There are also a lot of companies producing infographics, online games and utilizing a huge range of multimedia platforms to communicate their messages.

Videos that are embedded on your website or on your YouTube Channel can serve as a landing page.

4. Gain insight into your recipient’s interests

Because you can track the different landing pages that email recipients click through to, you’re able to get an idea of what content they’re most interested in. This information can then be used to boost the performance of future campaigns by ensuring your content, offers and landing pages are relevant to your audience.

Find out more about email marketing metrics and how they can help you.

If you have any more questions about email landing pages please feel free to ask them in the Knowledge Centre or comment below.


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Kristin Huddleston
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