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4 Ideas for Valentine’s Day Campaign Success

No matter what you think of Valentine’s Day, holidays are a great way to get the attention of your readers and customers. If you’re still recovering from the holiday season campaign rush (it’s a thing), never fear, we’ve got some tips to help you get the most of your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign.

Love is All-Encompassing

Don’t think that Valentine’s Day is for your brand? Fair enough, but don’t forget that everyone needs a little love. Why not find a way to celebrate all types of love.

Some ideas

  • A pet adoption agency could focus on the unconditional love of a dog to encourage adoption.
  • Remind your readers to reconnect with their siblings with nostalgic memories (two words for my sister – space hopper).
  • A restaurant could encourage people to celebrate their friendships with group discounts around Valentine’s Day (February 13 is known by some as Galentine’s Day).

Share the Love

If you think actions will speak louder than words with your customers share the love with them by giving them a helping hand. One easy way to do this is to provide gift ideas for them to purchase but you can take this much further with a little thought.

Some ideas

  • A grocery delivery company could provide one-off recipes and meal kits for romantic, make-at-home meals.
  • Practically any company could provide DIY gift ideas.

Advocate for Self-Love

Self-care is important for our well-being and health. Why not use Valentine’s Day to encourage your readers to love themselves.

Some ideas

  • A beauty retailer could provide DIY tips for a ‘spa day at home’.
  • Anyone could provide relaxation techniques or a relaxation playlist for their customers.
  • Better eating and health tips would be a great self-love message from a grocer. 

Show Your Love

If you’re anything like us, and I bet you are, you love your readers and customers., so why not let them know. A message of appreciation and possibly even a small gift should do the trick…

Roses are red, violets are blue, here’s an email template, we made for you!

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