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4 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

Are you an email marketing saint or sinner? It’s nice to think all of our campaigns are destined for unparalleled greatness but the sad reality is good campaigns can go bad. Especially if you haven’t repented for your email marketing sins.

To help you on your righteous path, we wanted to share 4 of our top email marketing sins. And what you can do to turn a life of sin around.

1. Sending email to a purchased list

Sending to a purchased list is a cardinal sin. And I know you can do better. These little devils have terrible open rates, worse response rates, and the real damage lies in your reputation. Buying a purchased list is like throwing your money into a pit of fire, not to mention the poor souls who really don’t want to hear from you.

Growing your own list is the best way to get real results with your email campaigns. And it’s not that hard to do. Use web forms on your website, ask customers and clients directly or try capturing email addresses in-person or over-the-phone.

2. Don’t lie for attention

Dishonest subject lines don’t work. As a marketer, my ultimate goal is a ridiculously high click-through-rate. I want people clicking on my links and trusting I’ll look after them. So to make that happen, honesty is where it’s at.

Lying in your subject line doesn't create trust.

Dishonest subject lines that promise the world but deliver nothing but disappointment just don’t help to build that trust. Even if they boost initial open rates, you’ll make it harder for your audience to trust you next time.

  3. Your email puts people to sleep

You’ve got something to say… I hope. Otherwise, you wouldn’t bother writing a message. But it’s also wise to respect your audience’s time and don’t try to win them over with a 500 page novel the size of War and Peace. Emails are not the time for a monologue, so keep your message as succinct as possible and spice it up with a little colour and some fun visuals.

Make your emails exciting enough to open, riveting enough get them hooked and motivated enough to make them click right through.

  4. Trying to be all things to all people

We all want to be liked. But making friends with everyone you meet is hard work. And if we really want to be honest, it’s probably not worth your time. Not everyone is going to fall in love with you instantly. So what should a marketer do?

Find out who your real friends are and lead your tribe. Once you can find your perfect audience, you can really let loose and be your authentic self. They’ll love you for it and when you treat them like your BFFs, you’ll earn a special place in their hearts.

Email marketing is part science and part art. If only there was a playbook with a level of conviction that guaranteed success. But alas there’s not. So our best advice to you is to embrace you inner email marketing saint to give your campaigns a chance to succeed and shine. Go on. Treat your audience like the humans they are and build personal connections with entertaining and informative content that people actually want to read. Your results will speak for themselves.

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