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3 simple tips to engage subscribers with your content

Meet Joe. He writes the email newsletters for a small (fictional) travel company called Itchy Feet Travel. He’s been sending his newsletters to customers for a while now, but has failed to convert his readership into travel bookings.

Poor Joe… his customers are experiencing what’s known as “list fatigue”. They’ve become bored with his email content.

Luckily for Joe though, there is a simple treatment for list fatigue.

Engaging Content.

Let’s explore 3 simple things Joe can start doing to encourage customers to engage with his content.

1. Be personal
Now I’m not just talking about calling someone by their first name (although this does help). I’m talking about recognising customers as real people with personalities and preferences.

I recognise you can’t know in advance the personality of each one of your customers. But you can make an educated assumption based on your ideal customer.

When it comes to your email newsletters (and most marketing mediums really), it helps to identify a singular personality for your ideal customer. This is your customer’s “persona”. Writing content in the same tone and language of your customer’s persona is far more likely to engage their interest than content written in your own. This is because it is in people’s nature to engage with others who understand and relate to them.

For Joe, his ideal customer is someone who loves to travel and is an adventurer at heart. Based on this “persona”, he can engage his customers using emotional landscape imagery in his emails, like tropical beaches and sunsets. He can also use words like “relax”, “explore” and “discover” as these are going to appeal directly to the emotions of his customers, which is more likely to drive action and a booking.

2. Offer something of value
You can’t expect your subscribers to read your emails just out of the kindness of their hearts. You need to give them a reason, and it needs to be a good one. By offering something of value to a subscriber, you’re responding to the little voice inside their head. You know the voice. It’s the one asking, “What’s in it for me?”

The answer is, “something of value”. Each and every marketing email you send to your customers need to offer them something of value. It’s the worm on your hook. And it doesn’t need to be an expensive worm either. Value can come in the form of useful tips, educational whitepapers, access to exclusive information or a discounted product.

Joe’s value may take the form of holiday tips, a holiday planning guide, or a reduced rate on a second travel booking.

But whatever value you’re offering your customers, if it’s going to engage their interest, it needs to be relevant. And if you’re not sure what they find to be valuable, ask them with things like surveys and feedback forms.

3. Start a conversation
Nothing will engage your customers more than having an actual online conversation with them. This may seem like a difficult thing to achieve, but with email it’s actually not that hard to start having some really good “e-conversations”.

This is a conversation that happens online and is instigated by things like “contact us” and “send us your feedback” links in your email. It might also be a survey, or “tell us your story”, or anything else that invites your customers to converse with your brand.

Social media is another excellent instigator for e-conversations. But this is something I’ll talk more about in later posts.

Itchy Feet Travel is in an excellent position to be conversing with their customers via their emails. Because they know when their customers get back from their holidays, they know the best time to send a “welcome home” email that asks the customer to share their holiday experience and to offer feedback.

It’s amazing the impact that one little invitation to converse can have with your customers. It shows them that you care. And they’ll thank you for it by taking the time to engage with you.

So there we have it. By being personal, offering something of value, and by starting a conversation, Joe can start achieving some better results – as can you.

Be engaging. Your customers will thank you for it.

 Posted by:
Matthew Johnson
EDM Specialist 

PS. If you’ve succeeded in engaging your subscribers with your content, I’d love to hear your story.

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