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12 Days of Marketing Tips

Forget the hens, leaping lords and the partridge and its pear tree! Here are 12 tips to help you get your last-minute holidays done and get you prepared for the New Year.

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1. Plan your campaigns

Create a list of the must-have and nice-to-have tasks, then prioritise. Focus your energy and creativity on those that are urgent and leave those that can be put on the back burner. Need help planning your holiday campaigns?

2. Get to know your customers

Christmas is the time you find out all those things about people you really didn’t want to know, right? Usually over dinner with your family… [shudder] Well why not use it as inspiration to get to know your customers better. Want ideas on how?

3. Automate!

At the busiest time of the year, save yourself time and free yourself from the minute-by-minute worry of doing something on time by automating everything you can. Schedule your emails, social media posts, and blog posts in advance. 

4. Personalise

Customers respond better when they think you understand them and are providing relevant information. And what better time to show them that extra little bit of attention than Christmas? Here are 4 tips to improve your email personalisation?

5. Share the love

It is Christmas after all! Send your customers a warm and fuzzy and let them know how much they’ve meant to you over the year.

6. Double down on your productivity

Christmas is known as the busiest time of the year for a reason. Work-life is busy! Social life is busy! And there’s so much to get ready! Now is the best time to work smarter (not longer) with these productivity hacks.

7. Outsource to technology

Technology doesn’t have those impossible-to-find-the-right-gift-for people, so why not put it to work while you shop! Save time with autoresponders so you don’t have to manage every single transaction.

8. Boost engagement with SMS Marketing

Christmas is a busy time for your customers’ inbox as well! Cut through the holiday clutter and boost your holiday campaigns with SMS marketing. Ready to find out how?

9. Find more customers with remarketing

The amount spent on Christmas gifts gets larger every year, so now’s the time to get your product in front of more people. Find people just like your existing customers with remarketing tools.

10. Don’t forget the housekeeping

Is your office closing for Christmas? Don’t forget to let your customers know when you’ll be available and also when they need to get their orders in to receive their goods before Christmas.

11. Prove your worth with ROI your boss cares about

Don’t let this be like that great secret Santa gift where you didn’t get the credit! Make sure your boss knows about the great work you’ve done using the stats that matter to them. Find out how here.

12. Clear the clutter for the New Year

Set aside some time for a clean up so you can start the New Year fresh! There’s nothing worse than coming back to work with a calm clear mind only to be greeted with that big mess you left when you ran out the door on Christmas Eve!

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