The case of the missing sign up link

I often get newsletters, promotions, event invitations and other emails from all different industries forwarded to me from friends and colleagues – especially because of what I do here at Vision6.

Quite often these emails are forwarded to me because they are great examples of an email marketing campaigns (and some not so great examples).

In some cases they include an offer I just can’t refuse, so of course I want to sign up to make sure I get the next one straight in my inbox. But where is the subscribe link? I have to say it’s so surprising to see the number of emails out there that don’t have a simple ‘Sign Up’ link.

Now if I cannot find this illusive sign up link here’s is what I have to do:

1I look for a link to your website.

2If there is a link to your website, I look for a sign up form or link on your home page.

3No sign up form or link on your home page? Being ever so determined rather than give up, I look for a contact us link so I can write and ask to be put on the list.

Now remember I am in the world of email marketing and an exception to the rule, I will take the time to do this but the ‘average Joe’ will do this:

1No sign up link – I give up!

Too often I see email campaigns where the link is nowhere to be seen. I can only imagine that the sender thought it was unnecessary. After all why would you need to add a subscribe link to an email that is being sent to existing subscribers? But let me answer this question with two small and yet very important words. List growth.

Thanks to social media, people are sharing online content (including your email content) now more than ever. So by including a subscribe link in your email you’re making it easy for non-subscribers who stumble across your email campaign to subscribe directly to your email list.

Here is an example from Etsy where this has been done well.

See how they have included a subscribe link prominently in their email? This makes it super easy for non-subscribers who stumble upon the email via social media or have been sent it from a friend.

If you’d like some help with your email design and setting up sign-up links book into one of my free training sessions.

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